Chasing Carts: NES Top 15 CIB (Update #4)

This is a chronicle of my quest to own my 15 favorite Nintendo Entertainment System games complete in the box (CIB)… Play catch up on my progress by checking out the following posts:

The First Post
Update #1
Update #2
Update #3

It’s been a very long time, but I have finally made some more progress in my quest to own my 15 favorite NES games CIB. When I last reported in I was three games short of my goal. Well, now we can make that 2 games short. I present to you the most classic example of a North American division of Japanese company’s woeful ineptitude at attempting to package a Japanese game for our refined Western sensibilities;

My god, is that some awful artwork. I know much has been made of how terrible this is, but man- it’s really that bad. I mean, scaled up from the sticker on the cart to the front of the box the artwork gains about 150% on the cheese scale. I digress, however, as it is undeniably awesome in it’s complete failure. Since when was Mega Man a husky 40 year old with a Master System lightgun?

Let’s take another look at the list of my 15 favorite NES games. A strike-through indicates that I own it. Rad.

Metal Storm
The Legend of Zelda
Little Nemo Dream Master
River City Ransom
Bionic Commando
Clash at Demonhead
Duck Tales
Dragon Warrior 4
Final Fantasy
Mega Man 2
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out


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