Genesis Pirates

I picked these up off of a fellow video game collector who in turn snagged them at a local thrift shop. With no real use or interest in the games, he thought I might like them. Holy shit, do I ever. Always a seeker of strange and interesting video game schwag, I picked up the whole lot of these for a measly $40. interestingly enough, I have never even come across a Genesis pirate before, so the whole experience was new and exciting. There are some real neat ones in here, so buckle down…

Bare Knuckle multi-cart

Despite what the label says, the third game is called “Fire Mustang”, not Firemus Tang”. Bare Knuckle is, of course, the unedited Japanese version of what we played as Streets of Rage.

Dynamite Duke

That appears to be a crudely rendered painting of Dolph Lungren on the cover… or Duke Nukem.

Columns multicart

The standouts here are Tetris’ evil cousin Columns and Alex Kidd

Dick Tracy

This one is so close to being a legit Mega Drive game- save for the fact that the packing and label are completely void of copyright information and publisher/developer logos. Another dead give away is this price tag stuck on the back of the clamshell:

Bonanza Bros. / Fire Mustang 2 in 1 cart

Man, Fire Mustang must have been a really popular game in the early 90’s pan-asian black market scene. What are the chances the same shitty games show up twice in a single lot of pirate carts?

Golden Axe

Fuckin’ Golden Axe, man. Beautiful.

Golden Axe 2

Now we’re talking. Golden Axe 2 is so much better than the original.

Runark / LuLu 2 in 1 cart

I just don’t know. I only picked up these today and just got home from work a couple hours ago so I haven’t played this one yet.

Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle 2

Again, this is another game that looks so close to being legit. They even left the Sega and Mega Drive logos on the clamshell artwork this time. However, the dead give away here is the fact that this games was never referred to as Bare Knuckle in North America or Streets of Rage in Japan, and this game contains both. Still cool, though.

This here is a top quality pirate cart. Again, the logos have been stripped. Even the sticker on the cart looks pretty great. Check out the side by side comparison below with my CIB legit copy;

Another interesting thing is on the back cover, they removed the words “Sega Genesis” completely. Hmm… maybe if we just remove the console’s name from the packaging no one will notice that we stole an entire video game…

What?! What did those heroes in half shells invade for the first time?!!?


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