Nintendo Entertainment System

This is a Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set. I just picked this up from Re-Play Games last week at the age of 28. A little over 22 years earlier, my parents went to visit my uncle in Vancouver and drove down to Seattle and got me a Nintendo Action set for my 6th birthday. Has my game playing life come full circle? Maybe.

The box for my original Nintendo is long gone now, but I still have my original Nintendo. It’s a little worse for wear, even though it has never been cleaned or even wiped down I have replaced the 72-pin connector after my original finally couldn’t be bent back into shape anymore (for the record, that’s around 21 years of play time on one console… and my XBox 360 only lasted 13 months).  Hell, it even still has the stickers I put on the top of it when I was 8 years old which I am pretty sure I got out of a box of Corn Pops or Cap’N Crunch.

Now I have two Nintendos, and of all the dozens of them that I have bought, sold and traded over that last couple years, I think this one kinds of has a special significants, so I think I’ll just leave it right in it’s box.


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