20 more Six Word Reviews

A friend of mine was telling me how much he liked this little article I wrote where I gave 20 different game reviews that were exactly six words long each. So I took a walk through my video games and wrote down the first 20 games that caught my eye.

It’s amazing how many you can say about a game with so few words.

Beneath a Steal Sky (MS-DOS) – The best case for floppy disks.

Perfect Dark (Game Boy Color) – More batteries? inside of the cart?

Persona 4 (PS2) – So deep you can almost drown.

Batman (NES) – Hard as shit, kick ass soundtrack.

Mega Man 6 (NES) – Pretty much phoned in by then.

Super Mario Kart (SNES) – The multiplayer literally devoured a summer.

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (TG16) – Cool mech suit, terrible game play.

Ecco the Dolphin (Sega CD) – It’s pretty, but I’m totally confused.

Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap (MasterSystem) – Funnest game on the Sega MasterSystem.

Metal Storm (NES) – Cool mech suit, amazing game play.

Snake’s Revenge (NES) – What the fuck were they thinking?

Radical Dreamers (BSX/SNES) – Most riveting book I’ve ever played.

Duck Tales (Game Boy) – Definition of a so/so conversion.

Dr. Mario (VS. Arcade hardware) – Much harder then the NES version.

Grim Fandango (Windows 95/98 CD-ROM) – Adventure genre ends with a classic.

Ninja Spirit (TG16) – Makes Ninja Gaiden look like preschool.

Mighty Final Fight (Famicom) – Most underrated beat’em up in history.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time (SNES) – Short, imaginative, bright, and fucking brilliant.

Streets of Rage 3 (Gen) – Seriously? A Kangaroo? A FUCKING KANGAROO?!!

Friday the 13th (NES) – Advice: drunk with a game genie.


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