The Almighty Honey Bees

The Honey Bee is by far the most sought after Famicom-to-NES cartridge convertor. The device basically just converts the 60 pin Famicom cartridge so it can be played in our 72 pin Nintendo Entertainment Systems.

A Honey Bee is a must have for those who enjoy playing Famicom games, but not enough to warrant purchasing a Famicom console. Using one is pretty straight forward. You plug your Famicom cart into one end, and then insert the whole thing into your NES as if it were a normal Nintendo game. Usually there is a ribbon that sticks out of the top of the Honey Bee that allows you to pull it out of your NES without seperating the Famicom cart from the unit. If this happens, you are going to need some long, agile fingers or a gamebit to take your Nintendo apart to get out the stranded Honey Bee.

There is a second version of the Honey Bee that allows you to play Sega Mega Drive carts on a North American Sega Genesis. The Genesis and Mega Drive games both contain the same type of board, so the Genesis Honey Bee’s main purpose is act as an extension so that you can insert a Mega Drive game into the Honey Bee without having to cut and mod the cartridge slot on your Genesis. This Honey Bee may also contain a region enabling chip, because some late Mega Drive games give you a region error message when you use another pass-through device, such as a Sonic and Knuckles cart or a Genesis Game Genie.

I don’t really need the Famicom to NES Honey Bee because I have several Famicom systems, but I have found the Genesis version to be invaluable when playing import titles.

However, I will keep both around because they are just so damn cool- and if that Bee logo looks familiar, its because whatever mystery company produced these wonderful devices blatantly ripped it off from HudsonSoft;


2 thoughts on “The Almighty Honey Bees

  1. The Famicom converter I own isn’t a Honey Bee… those seem to go for a lot more money. The one thing that always bothered me though is that you have to put the game in backwards… it’s weird.

  2. Is there a HONEY BEE SEGA JDM Mark III/Master System-to-Power Base (US Master System) cartridge converter? Where can I buy one and how much will it cost me shipped to 02481 in the USA and what will the cost be? :)

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