Spatterhouse is the arcade port of the controversial 1988 arcade game of the same name released for NEC’s TurboGrafx-16 console. Splatterhouse is a side scrolling beat ’em much akin to SEGA’s Streets of Rage series. However, unlike it’s contemporaries the action in Splatterhouse takes place on a fixed flat plane which allows your to only move left and right.

 You play as Rick, a university student who has come to West Mansion with his girlfriend, Jennifer, to conduct research for a class project. While in West Mansion Rick and Jennifer are attacked during a blackout and Jennifer is taken away by someone… or something. You awaken in the basement of the Splatterhouse, your life saved only by a mysterious mask that has been unwillingly been attached to your face. 

 Thus begins your quest into the heart of the cursed mansion, hacking and slashing your way through a madhouse of marauding hell-spawn, torture, demonic depravity in a manic search for your lost true love.

 The game’s controls are simple but effective; punch, jump, and clobber. During your time in the Splatterhouse and surrounding area you will find several weapons that you can brandish to aid in your corpse disposal.  Among the nifty murder weapons you can utilize to rescue your beloved Jennifer are a 2×4 and a particularly effective shotgun.

This game comes from a different time; a time when memorization and timing meant the difference between the next stage and game over. This is without a doubt a very hard game, but if you know exactly where to stand, duck and jump and can master the timing and patterns of the enemy attacks then this game can be the most rewarding trip into complete and total demon-stuffed insanity you’ll probably ever take.


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