Famicom Pirate Monday #6

What do we have here? Could this be a pirated version of the greatest Super Nintendo RPG ever made? Why yes, I think it is.

That cart is shaped kind of funny… almost as if it’s a Famicom cartridge. That would be impossible, right?

Wrong. Those lunatics over at Shenzhen Nanjing Technology Co. Ltd. have struck yet again, this time tackling another beloved Square RPG. This time it’s the ultra classic Super NES time travel epic Chrono Trigger.

Is nothing sacred? Will they ever learn? Why is this so awesome?

The sheer fact that this exists is a huge leap forward for the human race as a whole. Most of the original game has been recreated faithfully here. Sure the battle system is of the  random encounter variety and the game mechanics as a whole are pretty clunky, and the music is off by a couple million fathoms, but they seriously had me at the title screen.

What will they do next?


5 thoughts on “Famicom Pirate Monday #6

  1. this is so awesome!!!!
    how much do you pay for this pirate games?
    here in argentina, every single famicom game (we call it family game in here, it`s actually a famiclone) it`s a pirate, but they dont come on box and with a manual though.
    Prices varies between 2 and 5 dollars a cartridge.

  2. The final boss, who is Magus in the game, is literally impossible to beat without cheating.
    He kills Frog in one hit, Marle in one hit with his Dark Spell which can he use unlimited times. The second form – no difference, only more HP and stronger attacks, and no way to refill yourself between forms! – kicks Crono out too in one shot.
    I posted the ending though onto my YT account, have a search. :)
    I also beat many, many of these pirated games!

  3. Hey iheartyuna, just stopped by from the R-Dub forums to say that your site is really awesome. I’ve been checking it fairly regularly for a couple of months but never stopped to say how cool the site is! I’m glad you were able to find a copy of that Chrono Trigger pirate too. I saw it on some site a while back and immediately wondered if you had it.

    Did you know there’s one of those pirates of Golden Sun too? I don’t know if it’s by the same people though.

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