Finds! June 2010! Part One!

I thought instead of posting a bunch of piddly little posts, I would save up all of the months finds for one or two (looks like it’s going to be two) big fat posts. Without further ado…

Oh baby. I’m bringing out the big guns first off. I picked this up for an alarmingly low price over at the forums. This is something that I have wanted since I started seriously collecting games over 5 years ago. I have had the cart loose for ages, but there is just something spectacular about this big enormous box that makes my knees weak. Part of it could be my raging nerdiness, another factor may be that this is one of my favorite games of all time and one of the greatest SNES RPG ever made.

The game came complete with the super rad player’s guide (scratch and sniff stickers intact, unscratched and hopefully unsniffed) and of course, the cart. I had to liquidate a lot of stuff to put up the cash for this beast. Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was.

Next up we have a pair of British Master System games. I have been really into the Master System lately, and I would say these two games are must owns (although I have heard the first Sonic game is better than the second). Psycho Fox is somehow a pseudo-spiritual prequel to Decap Attack, which is one of my all time favorite Genesis games- basically, it’s awesome.

I got this totally awesome Japanese Super Mario All-Stars themed Super Famicom system case for peanuts off of Ebay. Let’s just say the shipping was a hell of a lot more than I paid for the item itself.

As you can see, it can hold all of your SuFami schwag in ultra-cool style. Useless? Maybe… but that has never stopped me before, and won’t in the future.

This is the Indiana Jones action game that should have been, if only Konami could have gotten their awesomeness anywhere near the franchise. The game is Arumana No Kiseki (or, for us English speaking folk, “Miracle of Almana”). The game is basically a complete rip off of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, right down to exact shot-for-shot cut scene/movie similarities. You have a whip, fedora and rad knife throwing skills and are basically playing as Indy himself. This game is really, really, REALLY hard but I highly recommend it. Also, the copy I got was factory sealed and I only paid $12 plus shipping. Viva la Best Offer!

Rounding out part one is a game I only heard about recently, and totally by chance. Neuromancer is a Commodore 64 game based on the groundbreaking William Gibson novel of the same name. Seriously, if you want to have your fucking mind blown pick up any book this guy has written in the last 30 years. He invented the term “cyberspace” for shit’s sake. Back to the game. It’s a really inventive free range adventure game in the style of Maniac Mansion and the early Sierra titles. I actually was searching for some bathroom reading material and pulled out an old computer magazine that was sitting atop a big pile of junk that was about into storage. One of the articles in said-magazine was about Neuromancer for the C64 and I bought it on Ebay about 10 minutes after I finished reading the review. I am not quite finished the game yet, but the few hours I have put in have literally changed my perception of what type of games were possible of the Commodore 64.

Stay tuned later in the week for the second half of the June round-up.


7 thoughts on “Finds! June 2010! Part One!

  1. Earthbound is a game i’d love to own, but i refuse to pay ebay prices, and Being European I don’t exactly stumble across these in the wild.

    For now I shll emulate

  2. […] CIB Earthbound – Who am I kidding? How can this one not be tops? After years of admiring it from afar, I finally mustered up the guts (with a little help from my tax return) to grab a complete boxed copy of one of my favorite games of all time, Earthbound. I picked this up for dirt cheap over at the Racketboy forums. I still find myself just looking at it sometimes… […]

  3. […] for over a year now. In fact, I was going to get one last year with my tax return, but I ended up finding a once in a lifetime deal on a complete Earthbound. Earthbound, aslo being one of my favorite games, won out in the splurge -on-yourself […]

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