Finds! June 2010! Part Two!

Here is the second part to Part One of the June 2010 Finds. It was a pretty productive month as far as Finds go, hence the two part post. Without further ado…

Here we have a game I’ve wanted for a long time and I finally got it for a descent price. Star Ocean has been one of my favorite RPG series’. I love the PS1 sequel to the Super Famicom original. I know what you are thinking… “why buy an RPG that’s completely in Japanese? You don’t know Japanese, what’s up man?”

See that logo on the title screen? The one that says “DeJap 2003”? Yep, this is a repro cart of the DeJap English translation. From what I understand, Star Ocean is one of the more difficult repros to make because you need the actual Star Ocean cart (which aren’t exactly cheap) and do a lot of work on it. They are not commonly available, but I found someone (who doesn’t exactly want to do a million of these carts, so they want to remain unanimous) to make me one for make on a forum I haunt. The best part? The seller included a box and manual. Totally awesome.

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. I found this in the wild, believe it or not, at a local second hand store for the incredible price of only $20. I finally have both SegaCD Lunar games.

Again, I found this copy of Vay (pronounced “vie”) in the wild for $20 at the same place that I got that Lunar up there. Same story, I’ve always wanted this and now I have it. I have logged a couple hours on it already and I am really liking it so far, but I am a sucker for old school RPGs.

Rounding out my amazing trio of Sega CD finds (all from the same place) is a copy of Dark Wizard. I have heard nothing but good things about this game, and for $10 I couldn’t pass it up. I am really looking forward to playing this game in the (hopefully) very near future.

I had a gift certificate for my local retro gaming mecha, Replay Games, just sitting in my wallet so I thought I would put it to good use by picking up a PS1 screen. It’s the first party Sony version. I already have one but it has a green line down the middle of the screen, which is quite maddening.How do I know this one will be any better?

Because it’s sealed, that’s why. The best part? i only paid $12 out of pocket after using my gift certificate. Thanks for the present, Kira! Best wife in the history of wives.

I paid $20 for this CIB Game boy Advance SP. This is one of the models that has the true back lit screen. All other GBA, save for this version and the Cobalt Blue model have side lit screens. There is an enormous difference, too. I sold my older SP the day after I had a chance to sit down and play this thing. Glorious.

A couple weekends ago I went on a road trip with a couple friends, one of which, Neil, brought along his Retro Mini X and Final Fantasy.Needless to say by the end of the weekend I was completely sold on this little wonder handheld and bought myself one the day after we got home. I was able to pick one up locally from replay Games so I got to dive in immediately. I have been playing Earthbound Zero (repro cart) when ever I get a chance and I am absolutely in live with this little thing. Highly recommended!


7 thoughts on “Finds! June 2010! Part Two!

  1. Where do you live man? You always get the cool shit and for a good price. I cant get anything where i live i search and search but never find a thing. I want to go where you are.

  2. i live in Regina, which is the capital city of Saskatchewan in the Canadian prairies.

    I do put a lot of time into scouting second hand stores and online classified ads, so my luck is some what self made. I am pretty surprised with some of the stuff I find. Like those Sega CD games blew my mind!

  3. The battery power on the retro-mini is just un-real. I bet that with all the time I was playing it at the beach, in the car going out there and back, not to mention the new file I started when I got back that I’ve thrown 16 hours at least into Final Fantasy with no end in sight. I wish I got the black one. I found that the retro-minis gun is NOT accurate on a modern TV. I suspect it’s dsigned for old timey CRT TVs.

  4. yeah, the box says 8 hours of battery life, but if you use powerful batteries you can push it pretty far. in a side note, I had to take the black one back because the screen was fucked. now i have the white one, too because that’s all JP at Replay had. Boo-urns.

  5. […] CIB Star Ocean repro cart and SegaCD RPGs – This pick-up goes without saying; after years of searching and emailing and then more searching I finally found someone to make a reproduction of the seminal Super Famicom RPG Star Ocean for me… and the seller even included the original box and manual! Also notable in this post, I picked up Lunar 2, Vay, and Dark Wizard from a local second hand store for $50 total. June was a pretty great month. […]

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