Raddest Games – June Edition

What games have your been playing? Here are some games I played last month.

I was really impressed with Vay. The voice acting isn’t completely embarrassing (though, not exactly top notch stuff) and the game is drenched in old school charm. kind of reminds me of a considerably less tedious version of Dragon Warrior 2. I really like what I have played so far.

What can I say? Final Fantasy III* is easily the best and my favorite of the 8 bit Square titles, so I am replaying it. The fact that I have a RetroMini X doesn’t hurt, either. I love the grind in this game, I really do. And the random battles aren’t nearly as frequent as, say…

If you hate random battles, you will hate Earthbound Zero. They are fucking FREQUENT- and there are a lot of them. That being said, the humor and charm of this title is enough to coast you through to the satisfying conclusion. This should be a required prerequisite for playing Earthbound for the SNES because then you can see the foundation that it was built on and appreciate it’s finery all the more.

Psycho Fox is a really good platformer. However, it’s not the best on the MasterSystem and probably not as good as you’ve heard. Still, a definite must own for the MasterSystem aficionado.

Zillion can be thought of as Sega’s 8-bit equilivlant to Nintendo’s Metroid. It’s not an exact clone, but it is an open ended exploration game that takes place in space. Puzzle solving is aplenty in Zillion, which is actually based on a Japanese anime. Plus the MasterSystem’s gun in based on the Zillion, your weapon in the game. Awesome!

*thanks, count!


2 thoughts on “Raddest Games – June Edition

  1. I’ve been working on Dragon Quest IX, Metal Gear Solid (GBC), Trauma Center: Second Opinion, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

    Also, you put a picture of Final Fantasy III’s title screen but said Final Fantasy was the best of the 8-bit FFs. Was that a typo?

  2. Total typo. I am fixing it right after I leave this comment. I am an enormous DQ fan, but Persona 3 PSP has the dubious distinction of coming out a couple days before DQ9, so that has my undivided attention now. I think Persona is about the ONLY series I would blow off a new Dragon Quest game for, so that’s some bad timing.

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