Raddest Games – July Edition

Here’s what I was playing this past month. I am posting this a couple days early because I am taking some time off to shoot a short film myself and some friends wrote. Without further ado…

I have been absolutely addicted to my (*ahem* pirated) copy of Summer Carnival ’92: Recca. This game just blows every other 8-bit schmup out of the water… and I don’t even like schmups; but Recca is different. It’s kind of like what I imagine being hopelessly addicted to drugs would be like, except with much better mid-level bosses. The NES Advantage and AV connectivity is a must for the game.

I have been playing Vs. Super Mario Bros. pretty regularly over the past few weeks. Vs. Super Mario Bros. is a version of the original game we know and love that was released for the Nintendo Vs. arcade hardware. Unlike the Playchoice 10 version, however, the Vs. port is much harder. Such features as 255 coins to get a free man, no free men hidden in the game, fewer power ups and levels taken right from the famously difficult Japanese Famicom Disk System version of Super Mario Bros. 2 make this game almost too hard. I have own the ROMS for months now and I still can’t make it past world 5 without warping.

I have begun my re-memorization of this game since I finally tacked myself down a CIB copy last month. This game may seem balls-out hard at first, but the more you play it the better you get. Memorization of where to stand, how far to jump, and when to duck is a necessity for making it all the way through this game. This does not take one thing away from it’s amazingness, however.

Lastly I have been replaying Persona 4 and I actually think I like it more the second time through… and I absolutely LOVED this game when I originally played it a few years back. Much like fine wine, Persona 3 and 4 gain sweetness and pedigree with age. I can’t recommend this game enough.


One thought on “Raddest Games – July Edition

  1. The thing that kinda annoys me about Splatterhouse 2 is that (what I think is) the last boss doesn’t really have a pattern. The game’s a really fair difficulty up to that point cause that huge bat thing just whizzes around the screen way too fast for me to figure out what to do.

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