August Finds and deadly ‘gets’

Other than that really awesome Saturday of finds I did get some other pretty cool stuff. Some of this is Ebay and forum stuff I bought and traded for, some of it is local game-store stuff I traded for. They all have one thing in common, though; and that is it’s realitvley high rating on the radness scale. Let the games begin.

First up we have a super cool item that I have wanted for a while now. It showed up at a local thrift shop a few weeks ago and for $5 I couldn’t say no. The case was empty, save for a first party rechargeable battery pack for the old Game Boy, but I am not complaining. This thing is in mint condition and it look completely awesome.

I snagged this off of Ebay for a like $7 shipped. It’s obviously a pirate. But of what? A ROM hack of a Rockman game that has new levels, new bosses, and new power-ups!!???!! Well, actually… it just a completely unaltered version of Rockman 6. Am I complaining? Not in the least. It is still about 60% more kick ass then most Famicom pirates.

I picked this up from my local retro game shop, Re-Play Games. I had never seen a Game Boy Pocket in the box before, so I had to pick this up.It’s a pretty innovative packaging concept, actually.

The whole box is thick, clear plastic and the picture of the GB Pocket on the front is the actual machine showing through the plastic. I also picked this up because I vastly prefer the Pocket over the original brick Game Boy and my other Pocket was scratched to shit. This one is nice and minty fresh.

I snagged this loose copy of Patlabor Mobile Police Force on Ebay for a measly $4 shipped. This game is absolutely fantastic. Kind of a not-as-good-Mega Man side scrolling run and gun game. I would actually like to own this complete now. A $4 very well spent.

Lastly I picked up this beautiful strategy guide for the Japanese version of Persona 3: Fes. I am a big fan of Japanese artbooks and guides because it seems that they put so much more effort into adding a sheen of elegance to their books. Over here, every Brady guide looks exactly the same and reads like it was pieced together from a stock template. Take for instance, the dust cover on this P3: Fes guide. It has a faux-aged leather texture to it. It also has a paper band that goes around that (kind of like a spine card for books). The artwork underneath the dust jacket is equally striking and awesome:

The book just gets better when you start leafing through the pages. The attention to detail, the layout and design, the artwork; everything is top notch.

I don’t talk about newer games very much on this blog, but I will confirm that I am absolutely gay for the Persona series. I am slowly amassing a complete Persona collection. The only North American released game I missing is Persona 2… it’s just so damn expensive! Anyway, below is a picture of my Persona shrine (still in progress).


3 thoughts on “August Finds and deadly ‘gets’

  1. Ha! It is kind of Led Zepplin-ish, isn’t it? But it’s actually Junpei’s hat from Persona 3. It was a preorder bonus for Persona 3 PSP.

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