Check out this Famicom schwag!

I stumpled upon this site during my internet travels and was absolutely floored by this guy’s collection- all of it Famicom, most of it pirates.

This guy has a pretty stellar collection of games, and I really like the simple, no bullshit way he presents it on his site. I highly recommend you click over there and take a look. Below are a few that stood out to me as being particularly cool.



4 thoughts on “Check out this Famicom schwag!

  1. I too stumbled on this site not so long back, and I have to admit I’m rather jealous of what he’s achieved. I also bet they look lovely on the shelf.

  2. From the screen shots I have seen it plats a lot like Resident Evil Gaiden for the Game Boy Color… which is kind of like Metal Gear for the NES. I am not sure if it has the same first person zombie fighting as RE Gaiden, though.

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