Raddest Games – August Edition

What have I been playing this month? Okay, you twisted my arm. I’ll tell you everything, I swear!

I have been playing the shit out of this game, and it’s absolutely brilliant. I have never played this game up until now because I had a hell of a time finding myself a copy. I finally got around to popping this beauty in and all I can say is “holy shit”. The game play? “Holy shit”. The controls? “Holy shit”. The music? The graphics? The story? “Holy shit”.”Holy shit”.”Holy shit”. Keep in mind I mean that in the best possible way.

This is probably one of my favorite video games of all time. This screen cap is from the NES version, but the version I have is the Famicom version. There is no real difference, other that the in-game dialogue being in Japanese rather then English. A super deformed beat ’em up masterpiece. I *heart* this game. Seriously. I am gay for Mighty Final Fight.

I finally managed to track down a copy of Final Fight One for the Game Boy Advance this month. I have heard nothing but good things about it, and I just happened to find it at Replay Games last weekend. Final Fight One is an enhanced port of the 1989 arcade original, and all though this version is really, really good, I think Final Fight CD is still the definitive version outside of the arcade.

Journey to Silius is one hard bastard of a game. The difficulty is steep right from the first screen and only exponentially increases as you fight through longer-then-average levels filled to the brim with enemies, many of them hard as shit. That being said, Journey to Silius, like Sunsoft’s other NES masterworks Batman and Blaster Master, is the kind of intense difficulty that is well balanced by just exactly how well-made and enjoyable the game is as a whole. You may die a 100 times, but you’ll have shit loads of fun doing it, and you tend to kick yourself after dying because you know it was all your fault, and rarely feel hopelessly stuck.


5 thoughts on “Raddest Games – August Edition

  1. How do you like SNES Final Fight? I honestly hate that game to bits. Is that just a bad version?

  2. I am not a fan of the SNES Final Fight (part 1). Parts 2 and 3 are much better, but the original is just crappy compared to the arcade version. In my opinion the ultimate port is Final Fight CD for Sega CD. Kick ass music, near arcade perfect, Guy, Cody, and Haggar are selectable and it retains the original two player co-op.

  3. Glad you’re enjoying SotN, it’s one of my all time favorites! First game that made me track down and import the Soundtrack CD. You think Final Fight CD is better than the Final Fight Double Impact XBLA version? I haven’t ever played FF CD so I can’t say.

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