Famicom Pirate Monday #7

Today I am covering a really cool pirate called Dragon Quest 7. This little dandy was created by the legendary Waixing Science and Technology, whom created (amongst many others) the infamous Final Fantasy 7 pirate. This effort, however, is somewhat less epic. In fact, it’s pretty underwhelming.

Now I haven’t played the entire game (as the language barrier is pretty suffocating), but from what I can tell this is just Dragon Quest IV with a  different title screen. Disappointing, I know. But at least the packaging is pretty cool… right?

I suppose it is also pretty impressive that they had to hack the entire game in order to allow for the absolutely ENORMOUS Chinese characters to be inserted. Check out the comparisons below. On the right side of each image is the official Japanese Dragon Quest IV, and on the left is the Waixing’s Chinese “original” Dragon Quest 7.

None-the-less, this is a prized possession for me, not because it’s rare, or even particularly interesting or playable, but more because I am huge Dragon Quest fan.

I mean, the least they could have done was at least used the art from DQ7 in the pirate’s packaging. No, they dropped the ball on that one too, using instead the artwork from Dragon Quest 5.

That’s okay Waixing, I still love you… I am just not all that happy with you right now.


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