Video Game Party!

This past weekend I held my quarterly (well, every couple months anyways) video game party. What I do is basically turn my basement into a console arcade. It takes me about 5 hours to set everything up, including hooking systems up, getting all my small monitors and TVs out of storage and arranging everything.

Especially challenging is my quest to run all the power bars to three separate outlets on three separate breakers as to not completely melt my house.

I then invite all my video game appreciating friends and we drink some beers  and play some video games. This year the final two hours (into the wee hours) were consumed with an overly complicated grid based ladder match in good old Goldeneye for N64. It’s still as fun as you remember for local multiplayer, and looked surprising stellar on my 42″ plasma.

Not pictured are the two additional TVs that are set up (hooked up to a my Turbo Twin Famicom and Turbo Grafx 16) behind the maroon couch. That’s a lot of video games! I wish I could do this more often, but the set up is ridiculous and I usually have to do it over a period of two days or more.  An easy way to solve this would be to convince my wife to let me set this up on a more permanent basis, but I guess I should be thankful she has no problem with my collection taking up an entire spare bedroom already. Two rooms would be more than pushing my luck…


4 thoughts on “Video Game Party!

  1. Amazing. This kind of stuff brings tears to my eyes and makes me so wish I could have been a part of that awesomeness. Last game party I had (sans rockband parties) was a LAN party of the original Halo. Peeps brought over xboxes and controllers and we had about 10 people dukin it out. Fun times.

  2. We do retro gaming parties every Friday at my place now. What we do is focus on a few games so I don’t have to hook up a ridiculous amount of consoles at the same time. Like last week we were attempting to beat Battletoads on the Genesis. Then moved on to Battle Kid on the NES.

    We usually have 8 or so people, but worst case I could have 4 different TVs going with systems and my custom arcade.

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