Famicom Posters!

Just after I started of Video Games Are Rad nearly 3 years ago, I posted scans of some of the  promo posters that were included with my CIB Famicom Disk System. Those original Rapidshare files are long gone by now, but I still get requests from time to time from people wanting the downloads reinstated.

After a recent serge in requests, I have decided to put all 8 of these posters up again, but this time on my own servers so they will never expire or mysteriously vanish (unless I will it, that is). These are print quality PDF files, whose dimensions are 8.23″ x 11.68″. Unlike some other sites, I am putting these up with no watermarks (*cough* gamescanner.org) and in print-perfect high resolution (*cough* www.disk-kun.com) for everyone to enjoy.

Right-click, and Save-as the link below to get the ZIP file. The posters are all contained within 1 PDF. The total file size is just over 16 MB. Merry Christmas!

Download the PDFs!


7 thoughts on “Famicom Posters!

  1. Hey man I want to really thank you. I’ve been looking for high quality correct sizes of these handbills for the last 2 days. Your right about disc kun such a shame, such a large collection and not the correct size!!!

  2. Thank you very much for the share, these are great! Someone from RacketBoy lead me here :)

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