New Games?(!)

I am without a doubt a “retro” (for lack of a better term) game collector and player, but I do play some new games. I am especially fond of my PS3, PSP, and DS. I mostly play RPGs for these newer consoles, and I also write about them occasionally.

I do my new game writing as of recent pretty much exclusively for a site called Game Sugar. Game Sugar is about as far form the IGNs and Kotakus as you can get, which is definitely something to be proud of in this day and age where such arrogant populist cock fondling passes for video game reporting. Who’d of thought that a website can thrive by providing thoughtful, unbiased game news and reviews without pandering to the fanboyism of all the current-gen internet warthogs.

If I am not being overly subtle about it, I have some enormous issues with the way in which new games are covered in the online “journalism” community (term used loosely). I pretty much tuned out around the time that Jeff Gerstmann got axed from Gamespot. That being said, there are still a number of fantastic sites that I check on a daily basis, such as 4 Color Rebellion, 1up (which is the best of the big name evils), Gerstmann’s brilliant Giant Bomb, Game Spite, Action Button and chief among these, Game Sugar.

Now, I am not just shamelessly promoting Game Sugar because I write for them (note I said “not just”, because I obviously kind of am), but it is a really great site that covers the kind of games that I like to read about play, and they cover them well and with grace.

You can check my contributions here, but you really should throw the site into your regular rotation. You’ll thank me.


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