Game Room Update

It’s been a while since I posted an update on the ol’ game room. It has under gone some dramatic changes since I first put it together when I claimed the downstairs spare bedroom as my own shortly after my wife, my daughter and I moved into our new house over a year ago. Since that first attempt at creating a game room I have been slowly crafting the space to meet my own creature comfortableness. It truly is an art form that takes time and patience. As it stands right now it kind of resembles a the organized clutter of a Japanese retro game store with the warmth and hospitality of a hobbit-hole, round door not with standing.

I tried to represent it the best I could, but I decided to add notes on each photo because there isn’t very much room to take pictures in there and I didn’t want to lose anyone. Let take a pictographic tour, shall we?


The is what you see when you first walk in if you look to the right…

…and to the left (that brown door goes into the laundry room):

Opposite those shelves, on the same wall as the entrance, is my recently erected, almost complete Final Fantasy shrine:

Moving in further from the entrance is the TV where I play all my awesome games:

To the left of that is my custom built console display shelf:

If we head left past the console shelf we have a little nook of radness. There is my desk with my Commodore 64 and a shelf on it and you can also see my red tent peaking from around the corner:

Here’s a better look at my red tent hidden around that corner:

Here is a view of the desk from behind the red tent:

On the other side of my red tent I keep some boxed stuff, my loose carts (in the plastic bins), my arcade boards, my Persona shrine, and other miscellaneous stuff:

And finally, this is just a closer look at those shelves:

I think the game room will stay pretty close to this for quite a while. It has taken me a year of constant work and countless hours of rearranging in order to get it just right. There isn’t very much space in there, and this is pretty much the only formation that will hold everything with any semblance of organization. I know for sure I am adding another shelf to the Final Fantasy shrine very soon, but that’s about it for the foreseeable future. So what do you think?


5 thoughts on “Game Room Update

  1. Very nice! That is a nerd-cave. When I own my own house, I want to have a video game/toy museum room(I collect video games and old action figures/80s toys). So few sites I have come across actually show you their room setups/console setups. I primarily collect Nintendo(NES, SNES, Game Boy & Gamecube). I have had to get rid of lots of PS2, PS1, Genesis and Atari stuff because I don’t have room to display it all. But now seeing how organized you have everything, I’ll keep collecting those games I got rid of, store it in bins and wait for the day I can display them all. Again, very nice room you got there! :)

  2. As always you never cease to impress. It looks amazing and you did such an excellent job with so little space. I look forward to a day when you have even more space to work with! I’d like to have a dedicated game space but as for now I have to deal with it being a game/entertainment area for the whole family. In due time… in due time :)

  3. Wow. Your game room is super boner inducing! Can I say boner inducing here? Is this a family friendly site? Hrmmm… either way that’s how it is! I love it… except my personal Final Fantasy shrine would only include Final Fantasy Tactics… ;)

  4. Looks very nice! I like the console collection shelf and of course that red tent is the piece de resistance (however that is spelled in French)!

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