Best Weekend in History

This is what me and a couple friends are doing this weekend. I have already done some preliminary grinding. I am up to level 5, and just about to decimate the first boss. After that I get the girl into the party (the second playable character after the hero) and the multiplayer co-op radness will begin!

My Secret of Mana posse is not planning to do this in one-shot, but more over the course of a couple weekends. Import beer, Thai delivery, and 3 player Secret of Mana… does it get any better? The answer is no.


5 thoughts on “Best Weekend in History

  1. Oh, man, I am *jealous*! I love Secret of Mana and have only played it with two players — and even then it was quite some time ago. Anyway, have a blast!

  2. Wow, great! I am doing a Secret of Mana “weekend” from Thursday February 24th evening to Sunday 27th February evening with 2 friends. Our goal is to finish the game in 3 days. We are ready to sleep as less as possible which should secure between 40 and 50 hours play. Do you think it is feasible? Easily? Looking foreward!!!!!!

  3. We started on Thursday 6pm and got to the end the following day at midnight. So 30 hours less the night of 7 hours. We were surprised as we booked the whole weekend!

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