Final Fantasy XIV Limited Collector’s Edition

If you read here regularly, it’s no secret that I have all but disowned Final Fantasy XI and XIV for being MMORPG’s that wrongfully carry the main series Final Fantasy name and numbers. That being said, I am also a sucker for special editions, and double that for Final Fantasy special editions. Before you fly the hypocrisy flag, please know that I did not pay anywhere near full price for this. In fact, it came with no CD key nor a key FOB so it is completely unplayable. On top of that it is the UK released version. I picked this up for around $20 Canadian shipped on Ebay. How could I pass that up?

As much bad press as the game has gotten since it’s release, I really can’t complain about the contents of the Limited Collector’s Edition. In the box (other than the missing key FOB) is a stainless steal tumbler, a leatherette bound journal and a faux silk map. The game disc also has some special features on it like interviews with the development team and such, but it is the wrong DVD region for me to watch and besides that, I have access to only Macs, and I don’t want to dig out my dinosaur of a PC just to view some lame bonus features.

The journal is actually a combination journal/art book with different characters, both (I assume) playable/creatable characters and enemies flanking the edges of each page, with no repeats to boot.

The tumbler is pretty cool. It’s wrapped in the same leather-ish material as the journal with has the game’s title stamped into it. The lid and the tumbler are completely stainless steel, as is the exterior of the lid.

The cloth map is actually fairly large and extensively detailed. It carries the same quasi-medieval art design as the rest of the items in the box.

I am actually the most in love with the outer box itself, adorned with yet another fantastic Yoshitaki Amano illustration.

The game may suck balls, but I consider this to be $20 well spent. As of the publish date of this article the seller was still selling these sets on Ebay. I suggest you pick one up if you, like me, are obsessed with all things Final Fantasy… no matter how embarrassing.


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Limited Collector’s Edition

  1. I am a fan of the Final Fantasy Series as a whole and I’ll be honest, I loved FFXI. Because of my love for FFXI I plan to at least try out FFXIV. I’ve already heard the poor reviews but funny thing is, FFXI was just as incomplete when it was released. I never jumped in until the PS2 version was released and it was an excellent game by that point. I’m just hoping that when FFXIV gets released for the PS3 it will be a more complete and fun experience. Only time will tell if they are able to fix their reputation.

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