Final Fantasy WonderSwan Color

Released in 2000 exclusively in Japan, Bandai’s WonderSwan Color was the successor to their original WonderSwan. The original WonderSwan featured black and white graphics, similer to that of the Gameboy Pocket. The WonderSwan Color is comparable in graphics to the Gameboy Color. Like the Gameboy Color the WSC has no back-light and is impossible to play except directly under a light source.

The WonderSwan Color managed to steal a paltry 8% of Nintendo hand-held market monopoly. Aiding them in the attack on the big N was a deal struck with SquareSoft to release remakes of Final Fantasy I and II, as well as a port of Final Fantasy IV.

The three Final Fantasy games were released as stand alone games, and the first two were released in box sets that contained the game itself as well as the WonderSwan console branded with that games logo.

Ultimately, with Nintendo’s reunion with Square and the avalanche of Gameboy Advance Final Fantasy ports that followed,the WonderSwan Color and it’s successor the Swan Crystal failed to mount enough of an offensive to topple the Nintendo juggernaut.

The Final Fantasy WonderSwan Color boxsets remain a fairly affordable collectors piece that serves as an important artifact in the Final Fantasy series’ history, and an excellent gateway to import hand-held gaming.


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy WonderSwan Color

  1. What perfect timing! I’ve been obsessing about the WSC and Square’s WSC Final Fantasy remakes/posts for the last few days.

    I think I may pick up one of these systems soon, along with the above-mentioned games and the WSC versions of Romancing SaGa and Makai Toushi SaGa.

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