Yuna 1/6th Scale Soft Vinyl Statue

Let me preface thus by clearly stating that this is the only scale figurine I own. I am not one of those collector’s who over resin busts and scale figures, but considering my full-on love for Final Fantasy X-2, owning this figure just made sense to me.

The detail work, while not as exquisite as some statues out there, is still intricate and stunningly beautiful. The figures gets it all right, from the words on the guns to the hem of her dress.

This figure is, of course, Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 in her Gunner dress sphere outfit. The figure is 1/6th scale, non-poseable, and made from “soft” vinyl. From here out I’ll just let the pictures do the talking;


One thought on “Yuna 1/6th Scale Soft Vinyl Statue

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