Future Old Game Aficionado!

The slow down around here is mainly due to the birth of my son, Lachlan Strummer White on March 1st at 2:26 AM. Mom and baby are healthy and happy and we are busy integrating the new human into our daily lives. Now he will have to fight his sister (mine and my wife’s three and a half year old) over my video game collection, which by the time I kick off should be quite storied and awesome (not that it isn’t already).

I have been stock piling posts, which I will start posting this week. Not that I have been getting much sleep anyways… check back tomorrow for a big-ass finds post.


4 thoughts on “Future Old Game Aficionado!

  1. Congratulations!

    I am looking forward to the findings post, as those are my favorites. I had a few good weekend finds. A couple of SNES(Cool Spot & King of Dragons) games and 1 NES game(unlicensed, Mig-29 Soviet Fighter).

  2. Good job on producing a future game maniac. Just remember don’t push him otherwise he will be anti-gaming. Just play games and he will come and join you.

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