Chrono Trigger!

A couple years ago In traded up from my loose copy of Chrono Trigger to a boxed copy. The only problem was that the boxed copy I (knowingly) traded-up for was missing the maps/posters and the box and manual were pretty haggard. My line of reasoning was that any Chrono Trigger boxed is better than no Chrono Trigger boxed, right?

I had always planned on one day obtaining a CIB, near mint version of my beloved Chrono Trigger, and recently the opportunity arose to upgrade my haggard version to a beautiful completely complete boxed copy. Being the enormous nerd that I am, I traded in my haggard Chrono for this minty CIB version. (I also unloaded some other unremarkable games to top up my trade-in value, so that I ended up paying only $30 for this baby).

I have been seriously toying with the idea of getting a nice crisp complete copy of Chrono Trigger for over a year now. In fact, I was going to get one last year with my tax return, but I ended up finding a once in a lifetime deal on a complete Earthbound. Earthbound, aslo being one of my favorite games, won out in the splurge -on-yourself lottery.

Needless to say, since I have been on the hunt for a complete Chrono Trigger for a while now I have been closely monitoring their prices on Ebay. Last year in March, you could easily get a BIN on Ebay on a near mint CIB Chrono Trigger for around $160. Fast forward a year and it’s not uncommon to find BINs in the $200+ range. Any fool knows know that Buy It Now’s on Ebay are never an accurate indicator of value, but you can almost always count on video games to actually sell for 20% to 30% of it’s high end average BIN price. This would indicate that last years high end price ($160) has transformed into this year;s fair market price. I am just glad I have started snapping up a lot of SNES stuff lately, because the system is becoming highly collectible as of late.


4 thoughts on “Chrono Trigger!

  1. Outstanding! I also have a haggard-boxed copy of Chrono Trigger that I ended up upgrading into a customized case set up. If I ever found a deal like yours in the wild I would also jump at the chance.

    I am still looking for Earthbound complete and reasonable, but I am likely going to go with just a copy of the game with the strategy guide as finding it boxed will likely cost too much.

  2. damm i just picked up a copy just the cart and label kinda crappy for $50, i really wanna score nice one like yours someday

  3. @Anonymous: You can restore your Chrono Cart to like new! Just create your own label! I’m very much into Video Game Restoration! Here’s an example:

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