Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together European Collector’s Edition

Following a long tradition of screwing North American collectors out of special edition versions of their games, most recently with The 3rd Birthday and the Dissidia follow-up, Square-Enix has some explaining to do. First Dissidia: Final Fantasy, now this… I am getting pretty sick of having to import these from the UK.

This is the European exclusive Collector’s Edition of the recently released Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The game is of course a remake of the PS1 version (which saw a North American release) which itself was a remake of the Super Famicom exclusive stradegy RPG.

The Collector’s Edition contains all the now-established hallmarks of the European special edition PSP release; a mini-cd sampler soundtrack and a hardcover artbook inside a box.

The soundtrack has a fantastic cross-section of tracks form the game. The soundtrack as a whole is very similar in it’s medieval grandeur to Final Fantasy Tactics and is nearly perfect at matching it’s tonality to the themes in the narrative.

The art book, also fantastically done, features a variety of artwork spanning all the character classes and the brilliantly designed tarot cards. I am such a sucker for these books.

The inclusion an art book such as this almost guarantees that I will purchase any game I am a fan of, regardless of additional shipping costs that may incur in doing so.

With beautiful artwork, embossed packaging and the bonus of a soundtrack and art book, it’s hard not to recommend this set to RPG fans. I would say it’s an absolute must for fans of the series. Just snap one up before they go out of print and you have to trade blood and limbs to afford them…


7 thoughts on “Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together European Collector’s Edition

  1. While I’m not a fan of Strategy RPG games, I do love the PSP special editions. Ironically I just bought Ys: I&II Chronicles and Ys: The Oath in Felghana Collector’s Editions both new and mint. PSP has some great unappreciated RPGs!

  2. I see it for a measly $30 shipped on Amazon. Is there a limited edition that I’m unaware of? Ironically I could also get the PS1 version for close to the same price. Choices…

  3. What else is in the artbook besides the tarot cards (because my NA game came with the actual tarot cards)? I may just have to break down and buy it anyhow… doh!

  4. The artbook also has all the character designs of all the classes and main characters. I can’t remember of it has any of the enemies or not though….

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