Deadly Gets – SNES Edition

I have been really into the Super Nintendo / Famicom lately, and many of my recent purchases reflect as such. These are from the last month or so and are mostly online purchases. Without further ado…

Legend of the Mystical Ninja is a game that just doesn’t show up too often around these parts, so I jumped at the oppertunity to pick one up when it came into my local video game store. The box and manual were complete and total bonuses, as I would have snagged this loose. I have heard nothing but good things about this game, and I wasn’t disappointed; it a fantastic little action game that absolutely shines and is among the best of the early SNES releases.

This was a pretty fantastic deal; I found this at a junk shop for $3.99. It was in pretty haggard condition, but with a little love (and a lot of goo gone) it looks as good as new. I used to own this game and always regretted trading it off, but I can regret no longer.

Another find from the same junk shop I found Super Bonk about a week later. I already had F-Zero, but for $3.99 I couldn’t help but to upgrade my copy to a boxed version.

I picked these two up, again from Replay Games. I love the Top Gear, and I am an admirer of the R-Type series. These gets were simply a case of adding a few more cornerstone type titles to my SNES collection. On top of that, they were only around $10 each and I had some extra trade credit languishing in my customer file.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the second head of this two headed post where i show off my Super Famicom gets.


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