Deadly Gets – Super Famicom Edition

Here is the second head to yesterdays two part post regarding 16-bit Nintendo finds. Today I will be covering some sweet SuFami imports I have picked up in the last month or so. I was never really into Super Famicom collecting particularly, that is until I picked up my Super Famicom Box last Christmas. Since then  I have been slowly adding to my game library and am amassing a semi-respectable cross section of titles. Here what I have picked up recently;

I got a hell of a deal on Rockman 7 (the Japanese version of Megaman 7) on Ebay of all places. I ended up winning this at auction for $10, which was also the starting bid. I saw the auction with 5 days left and put the 10 on it thinking that I would be outbid, but low and behold I went unchallenged and ended up victorious. I was pretty surprised by this, seen as how the SNES equivalent goes for $60 – $80 loose, and the only really difference is the title screen and a few story sequences that are in Japanese. The price was the only thing thus far that had kept me away from owning a Super NES version. Rockman 7 normally goes for around $30 -$40, so I am pretty happy with this find. the game is totally awesome, by the way.

The game in question here is one that I have wanted for quite a while. this is the Super Famicom version of Popful Mail, which is better known as one of the marquee SegaCD titles. This is a port (like of the SegaCD version) of the NEC PC 8801 original. The Super Famicom port is essentially the same game as the SegaCD version, save for the lack of a CD soundtrack and of course English voice work. The core mechanics remain the same, albeit in that slightly softer, crisper, more colorful Super Famicom/SNES style. I have yet to own the SegaCD version, and will one day. but now this version of Popful mail. despite the lack of English in-game, remains highly playable.

i picked this up for $2 on Ebay, and got it simply because it is the Japanese version of one of my all time favorite Super NES games. For those who don’t recognize that amazing box art, this is of course Seiken Densetsu 2, or as we know it Secret of Mana. What more can I say? Amazing, amazing game…  Seiken Densetsu 3 is even better, but that game is a whole article in and of itself.

This game is called Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon, or Torneko’s Great Adventure: Mysterious Dungeon. You may recognize the character of Torneko Taloon as being the store keeper from Dragon Quest IV. This game is a rogue-like RPG in which you play as Taloon venturing into dungeon’s to acquire items of greater and greater value to resell in your shop. I ended up winning this game, CIB, for $0.01. I guess I’m the only hardcore Dragon Quest fan out there? Some passive googling will point you towards a translated ROM and is definitely worth a couple hours of your time.

Last, and certainly not least I picked up (for next to nothing) a Japanese CIB copy of Ogre Battle” March of the Black Queen. I was straight off my high from playing the recently released PSP remake of Let Us Cling Together when I saw this. This price was right, so I sniped in. From what I understand, story sequences not with standing, this is actually semi playable as a majority of the menus (much like the version Super Famicom Front Mission) are in English.


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