Chrono Trigger Collection!

Pictured: from left to right: Chrono Trigger Chinese Famicom Pirate, Chrono Trigger (SNES), Chrono Trigger (Super Famicom), behind that are some Formation Arts Chrono Trigger figurine boxes, Nintendo Power Chrono Trigger strategy guide, Chrono Trigger (Japanese PS1), Chrono Trigger (DS), Chrono Cross (PS!, sealed), Chrono Cross Japanese pre-order clock box. In front of those are a Radical Dreamers Super Nintendo reproduction cart and the actual Chrono Cross Japanese pre-order clock. In front center are three Formation Art figures; Chrono/Frog, Chrono/Magus, and Chrono/Robo/Aiya.

Lately I have been collecting a particular type/series of game and displaying on their own shelf in the game room. My most recent (and by no means complete) shelf id dedicated to non other than one of, if not the greatest games (series) in history.

I do use the term “series” loosely, because in Chrono Trigger that only covers three games, and even then, only two if you don’t count Radical Dreamers. Radical Dreamers is a text based storybook game that was released for the Super Famicom Satellite download service/console, the BSX Satellaview. The game never saw any other type of release save for it’s Satellite broadcast. Thankfully a ROM exists which was hacked to work on a cartridge and tied up nicely with a fantastic English translation.

Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, and Chrono Cross. Only three games, yes, but they have been milked enough to fill and entire 5 foot shelf. I am unfortunately missing several bits of a true complete collection, such as Final Fantasy Chronicles for the PS1 (of which I already have a copy, but is in my Final Fantasy shelf), the Chrono Cross strategy guide, the Super Famicom Chrono Trigger ROM cart, and two of the Formation Arts figures (Robo/Lucca and Chrono/Marle).

I also need a black label Chrono Cross, as the only other copy I currently have is a sealed Greatest Hits version. I have a Japanese PS1 version of Chrono Cross in the mail on it’s way to me right now, so I look forward to squeezing that in as well.

A neat little goodie not many Chronophiles have is the Famicom Chinese 8-bit remake. These are pretty hard to come by, and I am pretty lucky that I grabbed mine when Ihad the chance.

I will be sure to update with any new additions!


6 thoughts on “Chrono Trigger Collection!

  1. I have only the Chrono Trigger DS version, Chrono Cross GH and their soundtracks (CT OSV, CT OST, CC OST and Chrono Symphonic) missing me CT The blink of Time & CT Orchestra Extra Soundtrack and i feel like a lucky guy but you’re a really LUCKY guy and your Chrono collection are so beautiful. Thanks for share this masterwork to all us.

  2. Still, there is a lot of stuff missing, like the various japanese Guides and OSTs. Also the rare V-Jump and demonstration-version of the game. And the PSX port of course.

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