I received an email from Club Nintendo this past week informing me that a large chunk of the “coins” (Nintendo’s point based loyalty/reward system) I had amassed were set to expire on June 30th of this year. Not wanting to miss out on a chance a reaching Platinum status (achieved by having accumulated 600 coins in in one year, ending June 30th). This means I had to search every case and corner of my game room to seek out the code slips that came with Nintendo released games. This inevitably brought me to the darkest and most forgotten recesses of the game room.

Now, this may be silly, but for some reason I sometimes (only sometimes, mind you; not consistently in the least) leave the codes in the game boxes themselves. Other times I take them out and stuff them in a random drawer or hutch or bin. This time around, I managed to find most of the codes I needed in my old PS1 game drawer. The drawer itself I picked up at a junk store 5 or 6 years ago. As I considered the likely-hood of it containing any codes two thoughts popped into my head… one: when was the last time I opened that PlayStation drawer? I could not remember, for the life of me, and two- what the hell was even in there? I have looked at that drawer so many times over the months and years that I have stopped registering it as an actual container that holds things. It’s just a decoration at this point. I seem to recall slipping things into it every now and again, without paying the slightest attention to it’s contents, but what is living between the layers? Deep within?

Join me in discovering the treasures that lurk in a pack rat’s nook (or would this be considered a cranny?).

As you can see the drawer did contain a bulk of my Nintendo code sheets. Plus a ton of early Wii, Gamecube, and Game Boy Advance SP era propaganda and packing. Other random bits of rad include my original (fairly smashed and tape’d) Legend of Zelda box from when I was a kid, a Star Ocean First Departure manual, a WarioWare GBA manual that is hyper colorful and full of (unpeeled) stickers and and a fat PS2 instruction manual.

Much of the debris in this box was from the last time i was truly excited about current gen video games. I had a Gamecube, and a Gameboy Advance SP right when they were at their height and i saved everything. In store promo flyers, product catalogs, manuals, pack it advertisements- everything.

A little deeper into the box I found the instructions from my original Nintendo Entertainment System I got for my 6th birthday on 1988. I also found a thick vein of loose instruction manuals including Super Mario All Stars / Super Mario World, Dragon Warrior, and MGS: Snake Eater and Twin Snakes.

At the very bottom of the box I found some truly forgotten (by me anyway) items. Clockwise from the top left: a bag full of Sega CD/32x clips, cables, and adapters. A sealed official Game Boy Color carrying case, a Gamecube disc case, a extra CIB copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a Famicom clam shell case (which came with my copy of Recca) and a broken NES Game Genie.

Near the very bottom of the shelf, in a taped plastic bag I also unearthed some pretty righteous NES/SNES game manuals, including my original Final Fantasy players handbook, Final Fantasy II manual, Illusion of Gaia explorers handbook, and my extra Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past manual and map.

All in all I had a blast rummaging through what another, less enlightened soul might have interpreted as garbage. The funny thing is, after I separated and entered all my codes (platinum status obtained, Hanafuda cards ordered!) I put them all back in the PS1 drawer, along with everything else, so I can forget about it all over again.


3 thoughts on “Treasure!

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  2. Man I hate news like this I know the site only started but in Zelda Dungeon I get chuagt up reading a single article for a couple of minutes to understand every part of it. But here -_- BTW sorry I\’m not signed in

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