Late May… Deadly Gets!

These are some finds I have been pooling on a list, they go back to March and are as recent as last week. I will have some posts with actual substance beyond “lookie what i got!” this week, and hopefully more of balance in the future.

That being said, I really like Finds type posts, because the only thing I like more than playing video games is buying video games. Enjoy!

I finally hunkered down and bought a copy of Dragon Quest V for the DS. I have no idea why I didn’t buy it before it went out of print. I found a pretty good deal on Ebay and jumped at the opportunity, as these are getting expensive fast. i have already played DQV via my translated reproduction cart, and I can safely say that it is definitely the best of the 16 and 8 bit incarnations of the series. It’s just a shame that the DS release went out of print so fast.

I did pre-order Dragon Quest VI, however. It is still shrink wrapped because my gaming queue is insane at the moment. From what I have heard this is a very good remake of the Super Famicom game. I have played VI via (*GASP*) emulator, but the ROM was an incomplete translation and got kind of buggy toward the end. I look forward to digging into this eventually.

I found this Quest for Glory strategy guide on Ebay for around $15 and picked it up mainly because I am a huge fan of the series. What interesting about this guide, that I don’t know of ever being done before or since, is that is reads more like a novel that tells the story of the first 4 Quest for Glory games. By reading the story you are giving all the methods to solve all of each game’s puzzles, with branching story lines depending on your character class. The games are divided into chapters, and at the end of each there is a more direct walk-through of the preceding game. A must for fans of the series.

This is an awesome vintage Legend of Zelda t-shirt I scored for a song on a ridiculously high Buy-It-Now or Best Offer on Ebay. I am just getting all my Zelda engines firing in anticipation of how Nintendo is going to celebrate Link’s 25th anniversary this year. I have also started on a Zelda collection shelf in the game room, but it’s truly in it’s infant stages at the moment.

A pirate I got on Ebay, this is Asmik-kun Land. It’s a hyper bizarre little platformer that finds you controlling the dinosaur of the title through a series of colorful levels fighting imaginative enemies. I don;t want to give too much of this one away, as I plan on giving it it’s own separate article in the near future.

The only official (I have a really cool 6 in 1 Rockman pirate) Rock Man cart I own… don’t ask me why I decided to get 5 first. It’s among my least favorite in the original series, but I want them all, and you have to start some where, right?

Lastly, I have something I picked up a couple months ago… the limited edition Mario 25th Anniversary (red) Wii. This thing is so beautiful to look at, it reminds me of a big piece of candy. it came with Wii Sports Resort, Super Mario Bros. Wii (both in little paper sleeves) as well as a Wii Motion Plus ready red Wiimote (not pictured).

The original Wii I bought at launch was starting to show it’s rust, and I really wanted this because I am a huge fan of the platforming Mario games, and Super Mario Bros. Wii is about as good as it gets, thought nothing will ever top Super Mario World in my opinion.

More to come later this week, including a rad game i am picking up tomorrow. One that I have been looking for for years…


5 thoughts on “Late May… Deadly Gets!

  1. First, that Zelda shirt is *awesome*! Great find :) Second, the Asmik Land game was officially released, right? I know the one you picked up is a pirate, but real versions exist? Anyway, I like the label on the pirate. Third, I looooooove the red Wii! Nearly bought one myself, but I thought I should use the money to buy something else. Still, I long for one :)

  2. yeah, the zelda shirt is awesome! i am going to get it framed, though because it’s an XL, which is far too large for me.

    Asmik-kun Land was released for the Famicom, but is pretty hard to come by. You may recognize that dinosaur as Boomer from Boomer’s Adventure in ASMIK World (google it, it’ll click when you see the cover) for the Game Boy, which is the only game in the series we officially got.

  3. I didn’t realize that Asmik Kun Land was a Japan-only release. I have a copy of it and quite like it. Good get!

  4. Thanks! I had been trying to find a legit copy for over a year, with no success. I picked this up off Ebay for $20. Over priced, especially for a pirate, but I just wanted to play the game.

  5. Quest for FUCKING glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEST GAME EVER!

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