The One that Perpetually Gets Away…

Every video game collector has one… one game they really want, but cannot for whatever reason get their hands on. I am not talking about Stadium Events, or a Genesis Blockbuster cart, here either. The game is often times incredibly common, but for whatever reason it constantly eludes you at every turn.

Take my own personal white whale, for example; I cannot seem to get my hands on Suikoden III for the PlayStation 2. No matter how hard I try, I am thwarted at every turn. Ebay has been a curse; I have bid on countless auctions, only to lose by pennies in the dying seconds, and when I did eventual “Buy-It-Now” I was sent the wrong game and had the seller flake out and outright refuse to exchange it. I got my money back and left some nasty feedback, but still remained without the game.

I even put my local video game shop, Replay Games, on alert. I got a call from the store manager J.P. in November of last year. They had finally got a pristine complete copy in the store, and it was safely put aside for me to come grab it whenever I wanted. A few days later I went down to pick her up, only to discover that one of the part-timers had put it out on the floor by mistake. Of course, it had sold almost immediately. Another near miss.

The biggest kick in the shins about the whole Suikoden III ordeal, and the thing that makes the whole scenerio baffling is that the third game in the series sold the best out of all five and was the most popular and critically lauded by far, and should there for be the easiest to come across, right? I mean, Suikoden II is probably the rarest game in the PS1 library, and I have seen it n the wild TWICE (the first of time being when I acquired my copy).

I suppose I will eventually Buy-It-Now on Ebay again, and I will own this one day… but I am kind of curious now if I will ever get the game in the wild. Considering the types of games I have found at local used game stores and thrifts shops in past, you’d think the odds would be in my favour. My luck and persistence has netted my such treasures as Super Mario RPG for the SNES ($1.99, Salvation Army), Earthbound ($39.99, used goods shop), Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II Plus ($1.95, used goods shop), and Mega Man V for Game Boy ($9.95, used game store)… the that list goes on and on- but will it ever include Suikoden III?

Time will tell.

One last thing to add, while we are on the subject of Suikoden: the first game has some of the worst cover art I have ever seen. I mean, seriously?


9 thoughts on “The One that Perpetually Gets Away…

  1. OMG. I have the rest you need. I have Tactics, Tierkris (or however it’s spelled) and Suikoden III…………..I just need a copy of one! :(

  2. This is what makes collecting so fun. If it was all easily attainable, there would be no satisfaction. Even if it’s a common game that’s alluding you, which I’m sure you know all too well.

    When I lived in japan, I looked for Wetrix 64 in all the used game stores for years only to find one bundled in with a system and a bunch of other games. Didn’t buy it, eventually emulated it and sedated that desire. Ebay wasn’t an option then, but the hunt is what I like most about collecting.

  3. The hunt is the best. Another similar situation was Strider for the Genesis. I spent, literally, years looking for one. I eventually got it and it was one the sweetest finds I ever picked up. Not because the game was rare, but because the anticipation of the find was so cranked.

  4. Hi! from Argentina, look if you want the game so badly in (the argentinian ebay) is a used copy of the game for just $99 (thats in argentinian pesos) so divided in the tpie of change 99 / 4 = Just $25 dolars but i dont know if they send to the states any way hope that was of help.

    PD: Also theres a extemely lot of famicon games only thet we call the console “family game”

  5. If I can find a really cheap used copy and can send it to ya would you be able to pay me back or return the favor sometime? I think one of my local stores has a copy for 10 bucks. I always ignored it since I have had the game since it was released. (Got it for Christmas that year :) )

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