Hanafuda Fever!

Pursuant to my earlier post which saw me searching my house for Club Nintendo registration cards, I received my Club Nintendo gift in the mail today! Say hello to 800 coins worth of Nintendo centric glory; the limited edition Club Nintendo Hanafuda cards. What are Hanafuda cards, you ask? Translated, the name means flower cards. Adorned in traditionally designed Japanese flower artwork, these cards can be used to play a variety of games.

Being from Club Nintendo, the individual cards are, of course, Mario themed in one way or another, but the characters are still represented in the traditional Japanese style.

Not bad for being a local customer. I don’t think anything will ever top the Zelda Collector’s Edition I received in 2003 (just in time for Christmas!) for registering my Gamecube and 2 games with My Nintendo (Club Nintendo’s predecessor). Now THAT was one hell of a free gift.


2 thoughts on “Hanafuda Fever!

  1. That is a good gift. Looks like a nice box they came in to. Nintendo used to make Hanafuda cards way back in the day, I would really like to find some of those.

  2. Agreed. That Zelda Collector’s Edition is still the hotness and the Master Quest disc is just as awesome. Especially considering they were both free.
    I seriously considered the Hanafuda cards but instead opted to spend my points on the Game and Watch Ball reissue. It’s a great piece of history and I’m really impressed by the quality. I thought it would feel pretty light and cheap but it’s actually a hefty little piece of hardware. It feels great! I think I’ll save up for the Hanafuda cards next.

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