Mega Man!

I have been getting quite a bit of Mega Man stuff lately without even realizing it, so i decided to make this a catch all finds/collection post.

Now, I do not have the most extensive or impressive Mega Man collection, but it has never really been about collecting Mega Man games to me. The joy of the series has been playing Mega Man games.

I first fell in love and was introduced to the series in the late 80’s via Mega Man 2. I swear, I must rented it so many times when I was a kid that it would have been cheaper for my parents to buy me the game outright (which they did eventually).

Everything about the blue bomber that I love love is perfectly embodied by the original numbered series- the astounding level design, the challenge, the robot masters, re-playability, and especially the music. Who can forget the music? I still assert that Mega Man 2 has a soundtrack that went unmatched in terms of quality until the Super Nintendo came out.

I recently picked up a copy of Mega Man 7 for the Super Nintendo, which was the only original series games I was missing (and also the most pricey). I am happy to report that is is much better than the fluffy basket of farts that Mega Man 8 turned out to be.

I eventually want to pick up the X games for SNES. I used to have Mega Man X, but traded it a while ago. I do have Rock Man X and X2 (which, aside form the language, the same games). I have also owned in the past Mega Man X7 and X8 for PS2. but traded them off because honestly they were total garbage.

Recently I picked up a disc only copy of Mega Man Legends and a complete boxed copy of the N64 port Mega Man 64. I have since played through a majority of Legends and have to say that game is incredibly fun and absolutely bubbles over with character and general… well, fun.

New this month is the Archie (*fart noise*) run of a Mega Man comic book. You should still be able to find issue #1 in your local comic book store. Also look for the vastly superior (so far, anyway) manga Mega Man Megamix. It’s far more authentic and serves not to truncate the emotional heart of Mega Man’s origin, especially the regarding his relationship with Dr. Light. Megamix is on book 2 now, so I recommend that you pick them both up ASAP.

As a graphic designer for a livening, I have access to various pieces of industrial equipment. One such machine, a laser engraving, allowed me to make a Mega Man sprite stamp, which after it was complete, I used to stamp every piece of paper and notebook I saw for a week. Awesome.


11 thoughts on “Mega Man!

  1. I actually got rid of all my game boy, save for the first one. i kind of regret it in retrospect, but I their value was so high that I felt i could get stuff i am more interested in collecting for the money.

  2. I have to say that only one word could possibly describe that Mega Man sprite stamp and that word is fabulous.

    I’ve never been good at Mega Man but I was also introduced to it via Mega Man 2 which a friend had way back when.

    Nice collection.

  3. make me an offer I can’t refuse. i am looking for a European special edition version of Persona 3 PSP… I would trade an entire mega man 2 robot master stamp set for one in fact.

  4. Let me know what franchises you’re collecting for and we can go from there…

    I’ve gotten Persona 3 psp sp ed, but it’s my only copy, when next in town i’ll try to grab another copy! (might want a little more than a stamp though haha! – dependant fo cost!)

    I got boxes of euro stuff though, but not much region free stuff! :@

  5. If you found a copy of Persona 3 PSP special edition I would certainly pay you for it plus shipping… I am not having much luck finding a Ebay seller willing to ship one from Europe.

    As far as other stuff, I have virtually no PAL Final Fantasy stuff…

  6. I suggest you move Mega Man & Mega Man 2 to the side… then look at what is left in the pile of Mega Man games… then throw them all away so that you have only Mega Man & Mega Man 2 left. There! Behold! Now you have an untarnished Mega Man collection! ;)

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