Where’s the updates?!

Sorry things have been so slow around here the last few weeks. The area in which I live had record snow fall this past winter, and record rainfall this spring. It all boils down to this being the wettest summer in 40 years. Entire towns around here are under 5 or 6 feet of water, with lakes and rivers uncontrollably overflowing. This harsh wetness has also been a problem in my city (although, not nearly as bad). Pretty much every golf course in the surrounding area is flooded, along with most of the parks and beach towns.

Thankfully, I live on high ground in the middle of a city, but that still hasn’t stopped the water from seeping into my basement and causing all sorts of damage. The picture above is of a corner of my basement that saw water seepage. My wife and I had to move 6 six foot bookshelves full of books out of this corner and tear up all the carpet. This weekend we have to replace the bottom 3 feet of drywall and figure out what we are going to do with the space. I think we are going to section this area off and put some swanky black tiles down. We have been meaning to do something neat with the basement since we moved in 2 years ago, and I guess we kind of have to now.

The game room, while filled with stacks of books from the bookshelves, made it through without a drop of moisture, even though it’s on the other side of the gray wall in the picture. Not that I am complaining.

Anyway, my basement and the time it has consumed, coupled with the fact that Canada Post just ended their 3 week strike (hence, no packages. sad face) means I haven’t had much time to do video game stuff, what with writing for Game Sugar and putting a lot of time into a couple video game related website projects I have on the go (more on that in the coming weeks).

For now, enjoy the package (the first of many I am expecting) received in the mail yesterday:



One thought on “Where’s the updates?!

  1. Bummer about the flooding, glad that it spared your game room though! Glad to hear that the Canada Post strike is over, I sent some stuff home a couple weeks ago and just got it returned as undeliverable due to that.

    Anyway, Enjoy that Duck Tales 2.

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