Metroid II is a great game

Metroid II The Return of Samus, the lone Game Boy entry of the storied sci-fi Nintendo franchise takes a lot of flack. People just do not seem to like it all that much. It has been referred to as an inferior sequel and even blamed for the lack of a NES follow-up. Even Jeremy Parish, one of the only game critics that I consistently rely on for both intelligent and unbiased video game musings, has called the game “bland” and “repetitive”. Not true, I contend. The game was not only a necessary step in the evolution of the series, but was also one of the best action games on the Nintendo handheld. Head over to Game Sugar where I attempt to prove my point of view. Just go.



4 thoughts on “Metroid II is a great game

  1. Game Sugar is blocked at my work. I agree with you 100% I loved this game when I was a kid and it was one of the few games, along with Tetris, SML2 and Zelda that I actually owned outright. It might be time to dig this one out of the archives yet again…

  2. easily one of my favorite Game Boy titles as a kid, although i couldn’t ever make any progress in it when i was younger. great to see other fans!

  3. This is my favorite 2D Metroid game by far. I think it’s significantly better than the first Mertroid…but my opinion may be influenced by M2 being my first Metroid game and the first one that I beat.

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