Super Mario Bros. 2 is a hard game

Having recently sat down and watched a marathon of Game Center CX, I found that the Super Mario Bros. 2 episode was stuck in my mind.

It’s been a while since I sat down and gave the disk system version of Mario 2 a good thorough play-through. Was it really as hard as Shinya Arina and co. led me to believe? Don’t get me wrong- I am fully aware that the original Super Mario 2 is the most difficult platforming Mario game, even harder than my arch nemesis Vs. Super Mario Bros., but still. I consider myself to be a pretty stellar Mario player, and I think I could give the game a run for it’s money.

Or not. The game is fucking impossible. And I mean that almost completely literally. To the point where it is not even fun. Like, seriously?


8 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros. 2 is a hard game

  1. I love that SMB 2 episode of Game Center CX too. I’ve played it through to the end on the Super Famicom’s Super Mario Collection, but that is really cheating. I’ve always wanted to play the Disk System version and went and bought a working Twin Famicom last week specifically to play that game, only to find that my copy of it doesn’t work. Impossible or not, I want to play that in all its 8 bit excellence!

  2. You have found the forum that has all the GCCX episodes on it right? If not I’ll have to dig that up.

    I honestly thing that the “Bane of my Existence” VS Super Mario Bros is much harder than 2. I have actually beaten 2 even level 9 on FDS as well as A-D on the Allstars version. Now VS I have not been able to beat yet.

  3. i cannot get past 7-4 on VS. Super Mario Bros. I think part of it might be the arcade controls… if you could post or email that forum link to me, that would rule. All i have is 10 episodes with full english dubs.

  4. 6-3 was the worst for the longest time with that turtle hop, but after my last Retro Friday play of it I’m with you stuck on 7-4.

    That forum has every episode ready for download. They replace the raw episodes with subbed ones as people do them and add the Kotaku ones separately.

    FYI I also stream the episodes on my site ( for your rad faithful) and I am doing one episode a week, unless it’s a 2 part one like this week and people ask for it. Once the TV-Nihon ones are up and I get caught up to the other guys I want to do some kind of unveiling to trump the Kotaku ones since the subs with all the content intact are way better than the dubbed ones.

  5. I’ve beaten this on Super Mario All-Stars. Does that count? I recently started playing it again a couple of days ago and couldn’t make it past world 3. I think it’s funny that they put reverse warp zones into it, which makes it all much harder than it already is. I don’t have a Famicom or a Disk System, but plan to acquire one in the future. For now, I’ll live vicariously through you and a couple of other bloggers with Famicoms. :)

  6. I am not sure what the difficulty comparison is between the disk version and lost levels. I should pull them both out and compare them sometime…

  7. you know about the dificulty comparison in the game boy color version as a bonus unlockable in Super mario bros. deluxe? i beat that like 20 times when i was young. made that game my bitch. though wait… i think theres unlimited continues in that version. still hard as fuck though/

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