8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog

Did you know there was a version of Sonic the Hedgehog released for the Sega Master System? You bet there was, and you know what? It’s a pretty fantastic game. More than just a simple port of the inferior Game Gear version, Sonic for the SMS was not only the last game released for the console in North America, but also spawned a European/Brazil only sequel. Head over to Game Sugar and check out my article about this wildly overlooked video game classic… if you dare!

link: http://gamesugar.net/2011/07/13/refresh-rate-sonic-the-hedgehog-2



One thought on “8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog

  1. Then Sega decided to expand on Shadow†s story with Shadow the Hedgehog, a mature title that had Shadow cursing and using guns instead of his typical Sonic esque move set.

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