Nintendo Power Score!

I was browsing my local online classified site this past Saturday when I came across an ad for 71 issues of Nintendo Power. My interest piqued, I clicked on the the ad to find out more. The magazines listed were a complete set of Nintendo Power issues (minus 3 missing issues) from 2001 to January 2008, completely encompassing the GameCube era and the launch of the Wii.

The ad was over three weeks old, so I assumed that it had almost certainly sold but I thought I’d send the seller an email anyway. Fast forward an hour; he replied to me saying that yes, he did still have them, and he could drop them off Monday night.

How much did this enormous collection of awesomeness run me, you may be asking yourself?

$20. Twenty fucking dollars.

This easily triples my current Nintendo Power collection. I had a hell of a time allocating enough shelf space for these mags. In fact, I still have about 10 strategy guides that are now homeless, but I think I can manage considering the circumstances.


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