Deadly Gets! July 2011!

I have quite a bit of stuff to go through, so this will be just the first of any “finds” type posts over the next week or two. Let us begin!

I found this copy of Darkseed in a local junk store. It set me back a whole $3.99. I nearly paid up to $30 for this game the past (albeit, the big box version), so I am pretty excited about this one. Darkseed is the classic psychological horror adventure game featuring artwork designed by famed artist and designer of the Alien from the Alien movies, H.R. Giger. Now, if I could only find Darkseed 2 for a as rad of a price….

This is a complete (and very minty fresh) copy of the Japanese exclusive Game Boy Color game Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children. I only paid a couple dollars for this, and at the time I was contemplating a SMT collection of sorts, but that conquest has kind of lost steam recently. From what I understand the Devil Children games were Atlus’ attempt to siphon off the success of Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise, to limited success.

This is a game that I am pretty excited to have finally added to my Super Nintendo collection. I got a smoking deal on this cart only copy of Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen. I recently took a look at the European Limited Edition version of this title’s second sequel, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, as well as the Japanese version of March of the Black Queen.

I snagged this CIB copy of ESWAT for the Genesis at a local thrift store for a measly $1.95. A pretty fantastic deal, if you check out the original retail price tag (which offers even further proof that Genesis games and NES games, for some strange reason. were never shrink wrapped when new up here in Canada.) They just stickers over the opening/flap for some reason.

Nobody seems to believe me (or remember) when I tell them that video games in Canada in the mid-early 90’s were INSANELY expensive. I got Super Mario 3 on launch day and it cost me $80 worth of birthday money (IE, all of it plus some). I clearly remember seeing Final Fantasy III at my local Zellers for $120. Nuts!

This is yet another Sonic Genesis game that was ported over to the Master System, and like the others I have played, it is a pretty excellent conversion. Although, I think I do prefer the Genesis version a bit more, but that’s me. A cool addition to my Master System collection regardless.

Continuing my quest (ha) to own all the Quest for Glory games, I have acquired a boxed copy of Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. I have never played beyond the first two games (both of which I am in love with for the record).

I am happy to see that Sierra continued the tradition of including a Famous Explorers’ (Adventurer’s) Correspondence Course guide. The game is the 3.5″ diskette version, and seems reasonably complete. I am pretty excited to play this. It is in the gaming queue with the buttload of DS RPGs I have been hastily snatching up before they disappear from the store and reappear insanely priced on Ebay. I don’t want to make THAT mistake again *shakes fist at Super Nintendo collection.

Right now I am double-fisting Radiant Historia (the soundrtrack is unbelievable) and Star Ocean for the Super Famicom. I beat Chrono Trigger for the umteenth time this past weekend and new game plus’d it once. Why is that game so good? More to come Friday!


2 thoughts on “Deadly Gets! July 2011!

  1. Nice finds. I love that price tag that has been marked down about a dozen times. And I do believe you that video games were expensive in Canada in the early 90s, I remember all too well. That is why over the years I only acquired a grand total of six NES carts (including the SMB/ Duck Hunt pack in) – they were just way too expensive.

  2. will you please post larger pics of Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen? I collect game art and I am missing this label. a 600dpi scan will be nice. please? Have a great day.

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