FUNstation 3!

I just got this in the mail (via Hong Kong Post, naturally). The box may say Xoomstation, but don`t be fooled- the console itself is of course a FUNstation. A FUNstation 3, no less (the caps are mine).

Now, I must declare upfront that this does not, as the box claims, have “unsurpassed 64-bit graphics and CD quality sound running at an awesome 94 MHz”- not even close, in fact. To be more to the point, the FUNstattion 3 is a Famiclone.

A Famiclone awesomely styled after the model 2 PlayStation 3. Even the controllers are styled after Playstation controllers, although due to their corded nature they more closely resemble PS2 controllers.

It also came with a frighteningly realistic light gun;

The controllers and gun are so light I was convinced, and still kind of am, that the shells are hollow. Seriously, the console, controllers and light gun weigh about as much as a single official NES cartridge. They also appear to have DB9 ends, much like an Atari 2600, Master System, and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive.

Inconsistencies aside, I was pretty pumped to give the thing a whirl, having never owned a FamiCLONE before and having several pirated originals that will not work on official Nintendo hardware. That is until I saw the AC adaptor;

What the fuck is this? What the fuck? The website I purchased this from said it was compatible with North American TVs and outlets. *Sigh* I don’t see myself paying $60 for a power converter to play a games on a $20 clone console, when I could play them much more reliably on one of my 4 officially licensed Famicom consoles…

It`s not a total loss, I suppose. It did come with a pirate multi-cart that I can add to my Famicom collection. Somehow I doubt there are a billion games on this thing, but `jewellery` sounds interesting…

And I guess it was only $20 with free shipping… and it is pretty neat and certainly a unique conversation piece, if nothing else. For some additional laughs, take a look at the instruction sheet it came with below (click for larger version). I love how the instructions feature a model 1 and 2 PS1 and a model 1 PS2 in the illustrations. Silly pirates.


11 thoughts on “FUNstation 3!

  1. LMAO at that plug! That does suck, but I have to say that thing is worth way more than 20 bucks as a conversation starter. That has to be the best looking Famiclone I’ve ever seen. It hits all the points – cheesiness, copyright infringement, passing off, etc. Putting the number “3” on it is just icing on the cake.

    I’ve also noticed that Famiclone controllers feel much much lighter than the real thing. I suspect it is because they use extremely cheap plastic.

    Anyway, I hope the 999999999 in 1 game pays off.

  2. I like how it has the eject button even though it doesn’t have a disc loading slot. Is that the actual power button or is that fake too?

  3. Hah, the plug is priceless! That’s a European plug, you should check the required voltage (if it’s actually listed anywhere), if it accepts 120V, all you’ll need is an adapter, rather than a converter, which you can grab on Amazon for a few bucks.

    Converters will step up or step down the voltage required, adapters will not, only change the shape of the plug.

    If it does need the 240V, you could always figure out how to plug it into the Clothes Dryer outlet! :D

  4. That power plug is an AC/DC adapter. The specs are on the white sticker near the bottom of the plug.It’ll show the voltage and polarity. I can’t quite make them out, but I imagine its outputting 9v dc, just like the SNES and NES. Look around and see if you have anything outputting the same voltage, then see if the plug fits and is the same polarity, or chop the end off the Euro style plug, match up the polarity, and splice the line.

  5. All i can say is dat even if d makers of fun watever try 1000000 to copy ps3 dey did not get it and can never get it so dey should start making a beta thing instead of famicloning ….lol….

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