My pictures are in pictures! (Rad video content!)

I was just watching my daily rounds of YouTube videos, when I came accross Jew Wario’s latest You Can Play This (Y.C.P.T.). This edition of Y.C.P.T. was on Famicom Chinese Pirates… and you know how much I love me some Famicom pirates.

Jew Wario covered three games that I happen to have in my collection… Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 7, and The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods (aka A Link to the Past).

It’s a fantastic video (as Jew Wario’s video always are- seriously, check him out on Blistered Thumbs and YouTube) but the coolest part was that photos I took (that originally appeared on Video Games Are Rad, by the way) are shown as references in the video. In the video embedded below, and my photo of my pirate Zelda manual (and part of my thumb) make a guest appearance at 2:17 , and a pic of my Final Fantasy 7 cart pops up just after that at 2:21.

Viva la Google image search!
Check back to next week… I am set to show off a really awesome game I just picked up. Rad!


5 thoughts on “My pictures are in pictures! (Rad video content!)

  1. Dude, that is awesome;) I’m totally going to start putting my thumb in pics from now on in the hope of getting in a video!

    I like that guy’s videos actually.

  2. Yo dude I poked around this site a bit looking for a way to contact you and I either missed it, I am a dipshit, or it there isn’t any contact info. But I wanted to know if you’re the dude that expressed interest in my kick starter project a few months back and offered some graphic design help for the documentary? If so write me an email I’d like to ask for a bit of help.

  3. Hey man! It is indeed me. I just contacted you through the form on your site. My email is

    For what it’s worth, clicking the metal gear sega cd on the top right column brings you to my contact info…

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Do you happen to know if it is possible to buy clamshells for loose famicom carts somewhere on the net?

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