The Legend of Zelda Special Edition 3DS

Santa was very good to me this year… and the Santa I am referring to here happens to be my beautiful wife. Yes, my young and lovely better-half got me one of the best Christmas presents I could have conceivably received; the Legend of Zelda Special Edition 3DS console.

Let me begin by saying that half of the reason I wanted a 3DS in the first place was because of this Zelda special edition. I mean, this thing is absolutely beautiful.

From the dark charcoal / metallic sparkle finish, to the gold accents and Zelda themed design queues, this thing has it all.

I especially like the touch of adding the ornate border to the bottom area of the console. I personally would have thought nothing of the bottom being left all business, but the idea of using the Zelda theme throughout the entirety of the console’s design is certainly a welcomed and applauded feature.

Not to mention best part of all: it comes with the 3DS port of Ocarina of Time. Although not my favorite Zelda game, it is none-the-less an outstanding experience that no serious video game aficionado should be deprived of.

This port of the game features dramatically improved textures and smoother polygons. The gyro support new touch control interface are so intuitive it is hard to think of playing the game without them again, and the 3D is incorporated in an effective fashion which serves to accent the still-magnificent game play instead of distract from it.

The entire package was so irresistible that I am really happy I was able to get my hands on one of these because Nintendo stopped producing them. I am also pretty happy to finally have a 3DS and excited to start enjoying some of the games that I have been itching to get my hads on, such as Super Mario Land 3D, Cave Story 3D, and Devil Survivor.


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