Arc the Lad Collection

Arc the Lad was a series of strategy RPGs released in Japan for the PlayStation. The first game in the series, Arc the Lad, was released in Japan in June of 1995. Following that, Arc the Lad II was released in June 1996 and Arc the Lad III in October 1999.

However, the English speaking world did not see any games in the series until Working Designs lovingly localized the first three PS1 titles in one boxset released as Arc the Lad Collection. In addition to the three translated and localized games, the collection also included a bonus game call Arc Arena: Monster Tournament, an add-on game in which monsters collected in ATL II could be pit against each other and weapons and items could be traded with other players via memory card.

The set came with 6 discs in total, the four games spanning fives of the discs. The sixth disc was a making of video entitled The Making of Arc the Lad which focused primarily on Working Designs thorough localization process, and featured interviews with Victor Ireland, then-president of Working Designs.

Additionally, the set came with a full color leatherette-bound hardcover book encompassing the traditional instruction manual, but also including tips, tricks and artwork.

Rounding out the boxset, was an Omake box full of goodies. Inside the Omake box were several other bits of merchandise, including a  branded memory card case, 22 cardboard character standees, and analogue stick covers featuring characters from the series. All of this came in the Omake box itself, a magnetic closing rigid cardboard case decorated with artwork form the series.

Arc the Lad Collection is another example of the lengths Working Designs went to in order to localize Japanese RPGs and give them the respect and attention not commonly given to the genre at that time and is certainly worth it’s price for any RPG or PlayStation collector.



3 thoughts on “Arc the Lad Collection

  1. Working Designs has to be one of my favorite publishers when it comes to the effort (translation, buttons, stickers, artwork, etc.) they put into games that no one else would ever bring to the US.

  2. Xseed is alot like Working designs used to be. Gaijin works which is where Victor Ireland now works (as the creator), is sadly nothing like them.

    I LOVE THIS GAME. I was a huge Arc the lad fan when everyone else had no clue what it was. I saw it in a magazine preview and couldn’t stop thinking about it. It seems like the epitome of what an RPG should be (at the time). I got it for Christmas one year and beat through each game but the third (too long, and I got many other games since then that I played first….real shame.). Long story short. I LOVE THIS SERIES. I even got the anime box set of it.
    Here is my review if your interested.
    It’s an old review.

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