Game Boy / Tetris Thrift Store Gets

I was killing some time on my lunch hour last week, rummaging through a local secondhand store, when I stumbled across a couple pretty awesome finds. First up,I snapped up the Game Boy pictured above for a measly $6. Not bad. As I was examining the condition of the Game Boy (in great shape, by the way. screen is a bit scratched up though) I noticed a nice little bonus:

The Game Boy version of Tetris is not only the best version of the beloved Russian puzzle game in existence, but may well be one of the greatest video games of all time. It is required to own this game if you have a Game Boy, and it seems that line of thinking has carried on into the second hand market. What makes the inclusion of the Tetris cart with the Game Boy kind of funny is that in another part of the store, in a glass display case, they had another copy of Game Boy Tetris, cart only, for $7.99. Score one for me!

In the same store, amongst the kids junk toys I also just happened across another copy of Tetris, this time for the NES. Price? A paltry $4. This was good for me because I accidentally (long story) sold my copy of Tetris for the original Nintendo a few years back and had finally had a copy drop into my lap.


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