Deadly SNES Gets!

I have been on a big Super Nintendo kick over the last few months. I have always loved the SNES, but I have mostly been in it for the RPGs, so to speak. I have resolved to start filling in the gaps in my collection and I must say is that it’s going very well thus far. I picked all these carts up in a few lots on Racket Boy, Ebay, and from my local game store Replay Games. Without further ado…

First thing is first, Contra III: The Alien Wars has been noticeably absent from my collection. I am a hardcore Contra fan from way back, and I am really pumped to finally have a copy. The game is awesome. You should play it.

Again, another absentee from my SNES collection. I was never a huge fan of the first 3 (4) games for the NES (Famicom), but this 16-bit rendition feels different from the 8-bit titles, and I mean that in a good way. I picked this one up locally from Replay Games. A pretty good little platformer, but it comes nowhere near Super Mario World’s total dominance of the genre.

This is another cart I picked up at Replay,  and the one game of all of the titles in this post that blew me away the most. I already had (and played the shit out of) Super R-Type, and R-Type III absolutely blows it (and all the SNES Gradius games) out of the water. Huge, varied bosses, amazing graphics, insane power-up and a fantastic soundtrack all elevate this game to near perfect status. The difficulty is high, but it never seems cheap or unfair. Highly recommended, and I am not that big of a shmup fan.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse is a game that I had always seen but never gave a second thought to. I started hearing some good things about it, so I took a chance and picked it up off of Ebay. The game cost me $6 shipped (don’t pay much more, you can find it pretty cheap if you dig). All and all a pretty solid action game, worthy of a pick-up. It is not quite a mind-bendingly difficult (or fantastic) as the Genesis X-Men games, Clone Wars especially, but solid none-the-less.

A classic. I am kind of ashamed I didn’t own this already. Amazing graphics, great music, challenging (to say the very,very least)- this game has it all. A genuine requirement if you are a Super Nintendo enthusiast.

This is a title that I have wanted for a LONG time, but I just never seemed to be able to find it locally or online for cheap. I finally went for broke and found a copy on Ebay for $12 shipped, and I am in love. This is probably my favourite from this post, and the game I am still currently playing (the Temple of Doom levels are hard as shit!). It’s a pitch perfect adaptation of the Indiana Jones movies, and is one of the best games on the SNES. It was made by the same team and uses the same engine as the SNES Star Wars games. Speaking of which…

I have never owned these, or really given them much playtime previously as I am not a fan of the Star Wars franchise, but I must say they did right by the series with this trilogy. I haven’t given them an in-depth probing, but they all seem to look good, play good, and have a decent level of challenge. I look forward to giving them more of my time in the future.

I got this one in a lot with the Star Wars games, and it seems to be a complicated bridge simulator. It certainly seems like something I can get into, as I am a casual Star Trek fan, but we’ll see. There are too many good games, so this one may sit on the shelf for a bit before it gets a play-through.

Last, and certainly not least, I picked up this awesome Nintendo Power Player’s Guide which covers a variety of early SNES games. The game is done in the classic early 90’s Nintendo Power Player’s Guide style and is full of strategies, hints and maps for such classics as Actraiser, Super Castlevania IV, Final Fanatsy II, UN Squadron, and piles more. I actually got this for a steal on Ebay ($2.50!) so I can’t complain about it rough-ish condition.

All in all, my SNES collection is getting pretty fantastic, and I still have a whole mental check list of games I want to add. You’re next, Wild Arms


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