Free Games are Great

This past Monday I was killing some downtime at work by checking the video game section of my local online classified site, when I saw an ad called “Free Gamecube and Games”. Naturally, I was hesitant, as 4 out of every 5 ads I answer on classified websites never seem to go anywhere. However, having nothing better to do I figured I would investigate further. Forty-five minutes later I was back at my desk with THIS sweet little  haul:

ALL FOR FREE! I just had to drive 10 km from my office and pick it up.

My freebie Gamecube lot includes a Silver Gamecube console with matching Silver controller, a third party memory card, a third party wireless controller with receiver and the following games, all complete and in really good condition; Mario Kart: Double Dash, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, Medal of Honour: Frontline, Donkey Konga 2, Starfox Adventures and James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire.

I had none of these games, save for Mario Kart, so that is an added bonus.

In this day and age, with people  auctioning off the crap in their attics thinking they will strike it rich, you don’t often see video games being given away for free. All because some asshole found a copy of Stadium Events, sold for $30,000 and it got reported on CNN.

My Gamecube bundle benefactor made no such assumptions of value. He just wanted it out of his house because he had moved on and was sick of looking at it. Fine by me.  I have a certain small place in my heart reserved specifically for free games.



5 thoughts on “Free Games are Great

  1. Nice!! You can’t beat free video games(and the console to boot)! Even though the Gamecube was panned by many, I really am a fan of it. And just a slight correction…that is the limited edition platinum version. I know this because this is the one that I own. I originally bought the indigo(purple?) version when the system launched, but sold it to my younger brother years ago, because he was complaining that he didn’t have any video games, and I had so many systems. Again, great score!!

  2. That is a great haul, it is nice to know that there are cool people out there just giving this stuff away. I have a Game Cube in storage back in Canada somewhere, I`ll have to drag it out the next time I am back there.

  3. So just because someone happen to get lucky like you and find something special such as the Stadium Events and decided to sell it because they didn’t want it and beyond their control CNN decides to make it a story because it’s noteworthy, that person then becomes an asshole?

    Sorry but I think that if that is true you are just as guilty of being an asshole for finding this gamecube lot and posting it on your site.

  4. Wow, great haul, Nathan! And quite a few good/great games, too. Also, I can’t believe someone just gave it all away. Guess he/she didn’t want to bother with eBay — or maybe he/she tried but failed to sell it? Anyway, good for you :)

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