NES Finds and Deadly Gets!

I have been off of collecting for the NES for a few years now, mainly because there aren’t that many games left for the console that I feel I desperately need, and I only have about 100 carts. There are still a couple titles I am actively seeking, however, and I do occasionally switch out a loose cart for a CIB set. These are my NES finds over the last few months.

My dad actually picked this bare bones NES console for me at a thrift store. The price was $5.99, and the 72 pin connector (as well as the general condition of the console) is like new. I am pretty impressed. I gave it a good cleaning and I now have another back-up Nintendo.

I upgraded my kind of ratty cart-only copy of Mega Man 3 for this descent shape CIB copy. I am not one of those collectors that has to have the boxes in perfect mint condition, so I am very happy with this copy. Mega Man 2 will always be number one with a bullet, but any series where a game this refined and near-perfect is second best is pretty amazing.

I have always been a fan of the Kirby games, especially part 3 for the SNES, but at the same time I have always found them to be lacking any semblance of challenge. At any rate, this minty CIB copy of Kirby’s Adventure replaces a cart only that went missing from my mom and dad’s place many years ago.

I picked this up for dirt cheap from Replay Games on a hunch it would a worthy sequel to Sunsoft’s amazing NES original. It’s not. The game is pretty good, I guess, but it suffers from being WAY harder than it needs to be and that really hurts the playability. I am no slouch for hard games, but Batman: The Return of the Joker is far to cheap and unforgiving.

This is actually a cart I have been looking at getting for a while now. I remember having poured untold hours into this game as a kid. I am a big fan of PC point-and-click adventure games, and this is about as close as you can get on the NES. It’s kind of like playing a cross between an Alfred Hitchcock movie and Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, I.E. totally bad-ass and awesome.

Uninvited is another game I rented a lot and played the crap out of as a kid. I only paid $15 for this, and it seems to go for $20+ easy on Ebay. Much like Deja Vu (and Shadowgate) it’s a PC style point-and-click adventure game ported from the Macintosh, if I am not mistaken. Uninvited has you searching a haunted mansion trying find your missing girlfriend after you wake up alone in a crashed car. My friends and I used to try and find all the hilarious and gruesome ways you could die in the game. It’s pretty fun exploring a creepy old mansion, triggering booby traps and getting killed. Not in real life, though. That would be terrible.


5 thoughts on “NES Finds and Deadly Gets!

  1. Deja Vu is fun, but if you want a great point and click adventure on the NES you need to pick up Maniac Mansion. It’s the best NES game available, in my opinion.

  2. @Technohat – Maniac Mansion is one of my favs also. Such a weird, fantastic game.

    @Anonymous – Better still? Deja Vu I & II for the Game Boy Color!

  3. I lucked out and got Uninvited from Value Village last year for $2.99, definitely one of the best deals I got from there. I’ve never played Deja Vu, I might have to check it out.

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