Deadly Gets! February Edition!

This is a collection of gets from the past few weeks mostly. I have been getting a lot of crazy good deals lately… I didn’t spend more than $5 on any one of these games… so I am ready to call that a victory. We begin with my old mistress, the Famicom;

Ikki cart Famicom

Ikki is a pretty neat little Famicom game. Based on the arcade game of the same, you play as a poor Japanese farmer in Feudal Japan, taking part in a revolt against the feudal lords (Ikki translates to “revolt” or “insurrection”). Ikki is an action game where you run from screen to screen throwing sickles at bad guys. Does the game look primitive? Yes. Do the graphics reek of early Nintendo? Yes. But, is the game fun? You bet your ass. It is, after all, a Sunsoft title. Sunsoft being one of the greatest third party developers in the history of the NES/Famicom.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I own all the other version of this game, I might as well have the Famicom cart version, too. Definitely one of the favorite video games of all time.

This is a game that I have been looking to for a while now. The legendary Famicom entry in the Parodius series, Parodius Da. Parodius is a schmup series that does just as it’s name implies; parodies Gradius. The adding of absurd enemies, cigar chomping birds, and super deformed weirdos, to name a few makes this game a colorful, challenging entry in the series, the peak of which has to be the Super Famicom gem Sexy Parodius. This game saw a NES release, but only in PAL territories. I suppose it was too much for our dumb westerner sensibilities.

These titles, Twin Bee and Twin Bee 3 are shooters in the same vein (but not nearly as good, in my humble opinion) as Parodius. Goofy, colorful, and fun schmups. Again, the Twin Bee games skipped us here in north American and have stayed mainly in Japan.

Frankenstein: The Monster Returns is a NES game I gave wanted for a while, but until last week had never seen in the wild.  The game is kind of like a Castlevania 2 clone (in a good way) with shades of Monster Party (in a good way) mixed in. Lots of buildings and hidden areas to discover and lots of items to collect. I plan on spending some time with this one in the near future.

What can I say? Legacy of the Wizard is a classic. A game I played the hell out of as a kid, Legacy of the Wizard had a warm place in my heart, even if it hasn’t aged the best. Little did I know at the time. but it was in the same series (called Dragon Slayer in Japan) as another classic from my childhood, Faxanadu.

Again, Star Trek 25th Anniversary is another game I remember fondly from my formative years. I am a huge fan of graphic adventure games, and this is one of the few titles that made it from PC to the NES. I am not a huge Star Trek fan, but I do have a soft spot for the original series and this game should not be missed by adventure game fans.

Cybernator is a grossly underrated SNES title. While the game play is a lot like a dumbed down version of the SNES masterpiece Metal Warriors, Cybernator is actually part of the Assault Suits series, being released as Assault Suits Valken in Japan. It is actually 2nd in the Assault Suits series after Assault Suits Leynos for the Mega Drive, which we got for the Genesis as Target Earth. Cybernator is a fantastic mech action game, and can be found on the cheap. Totally worth picking up and adding to you SNES collection.

Arkanoid is one of my favorite classic arcade games, and until now that’s the only pace I would ever play it. Something is certainly lost without the dial control of the arcade machine, but the speed and responsiveness of the SNES version is good enough to be pretty close. The addition of a password system in this one, coupled with unlimited continues makes some of the super-tough later stages a lot more manageable..


5 thoughts on “Deadly Gets! February Edition!

  1. They are plate stands. I got them from Dollarama and Dollar Giant. They are kind of loose, so I just open them to where I want them and plop a few drops of super glue into the hinges… after that they are sturdy as shit.

  2. Fantastic finds. All those Famicom games are really good deals for 5$ or less, even in Japan they usually go for more. I agree about Parodius too, I love that game.

  3. Great! I have a little Famicom cartridges collection too. Visit my blog (in portuguese)
    Hugs from Brazil!

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