Righteous Finds and Deadly Gets

I have been getting lots of deals lately, especially (and strangly) in the wild. I though I would make a post that covers the last few weeks. Again, I didn’t pay much for any of these, and the money that I did pay I got mostly with trade credit.

Ys Seven collector’s edition (PSP) – I posted this find on twitter (follow me via @videogamesrad) the day I got it because It was such an insane deal. I paid a cool $9.95 for this complete collector’s edition of Ys Seven. I have wanted this for a while and was planning on picking it up before the value shot up, but my local second hand shop took care of that for me. I am really happy about this one.

The Death and Return of Superman (SNES) – Why this game doesn’t get more recognition is a mystery to me, as it is easily one of the best beat ’em ups of the 16 bit generation, outpacing any of the Final Fight games. The game follows the infamous Superman storyline from the early nineties about the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday and the subsequent reign of the Supermen and the man of steel’s eventual return. I am not a Superman fan in the least, but the is still an awesome game.

Mega Man Legends 2 (PS1) – I got this in a trade I did with a guy over at NintendoAge. This thing is in pristine condition and I am happy to finally have a copy in my collection. I was a huge fan of the original Mega Man Legends game, but the huge price tag has always scared me off of the sequel. This is getting priority in my queue after I am done with Final Fantasy XIII-2, which is awesome by the way.

Parodius Da (Game Boy) –  This Japanese import is a pea-soup portable version of the quirky Konami shooter that is impossible not to love. Every bit as entertaining as it’s Famicom and arcade counterparts, only smaller and thus, cuter. This game routinely goes for around $20 plus shipping on Ebay, and that’s complete on the box. A great pick up for any Game Boy or shooter enthusiast, and it plays no problem on non-Japanese Game Boys.

Final Fantasy IV (WonderSwan Color) –  As far as I can tell, I am only missing one version of Final Fantasy IV now that I have this one; the Japanese PS1 release. Hell, I even have a Chinese pirate of Final Fantasy IV for the Famicom. Once I track down a reasonably priced version of the JP PS1 title I will commemorate it in some sort of a post, but until then… take a closer look at this version, if you’ve never had the pleasure:



3 thoughts on “Righteous Finds and Deadly Gets

  1. Having played through it again rather recently, I’m honestly shocked at the high praise you give to Superman. Maybe it’s fitting considering the primary protagonist, but it strikes me as incredibly generic throughout. The game has something like 6 normal (extremely generic) baddies and virtually no unique bosses, Worse, every other “Superman” plays exactly like Superman; in other words, it lacks the kind of character variety you’d get in say, Final Fight.

    Why didn’t they make Superboy into a Guy-like character, Steel into a Haggar-like character, and so on? Just seems like so much wasted awesomeness potential, much like its “hold fire to win” throwaway shooting sections against the (once again) most generic enemies (well, in this case, one enemy) possible.

    Even the music is largely unremarkable, totaling just a tiny handful (if that) of tracks.

    The best thing it offers is the ability to throw baddies into the background to reveal power-ups- a feature that is often missed by people who think the game is “too hard”… or anything resembling difficult, really. The (also quite generic) 64th Street for the arcade did this first, I believe, but it’s impossible to say whether Blizzard took that idea wholesale or legitimately thought of it themselves.

    To each their own, I guess. I just found the whole thing to be far more of a mess than should be expected from a Blizzard title, even at the time. I wouldn’t be totally shocked, however, if DC made their lives hell while making the title; I’ve certainly heard horror stories when it comes to developers having to deal with licensed properties with companies as IP-protective as DC. The fact that the arc the game was based on was such a “big deal” probably didn’t help much, either.

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